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Chloe Corbian is a Soccer Player who's father is a recorded . He produces One Direction, Little Mix, and more. When she wants to become a singer Niall Harry and Louis step in and help her make a demo album. Niall falls for her and steals her heart. Than one day Garrett, Chloe's ex, shows up And try's to steal Chloe from Niall.


1. The Big Game

 I woke up to my father singing One Direction's new hit 'Best Song Ever'. I sat up and looked at my clock, 9:30. I over sleep. I got up and ran to the downstairs. Today is the day of the big game there will be collage scouts watching our soccer game. If I do good, I could get a collage scholarship. My dad said he would try to make it. He's a recorded producer at Columbia Records. I just want him to make it he hasn't seen me play in four year because of his job.

 "Morning Chloe." my father said. "Morning dad, Do you know if you can come yet?" I asked hoping he'd said he could come. "I don't know yet. I have a recording session with One Direction to day so it could take a couple hours or all day" he said.

 I put some bread in the toaster and poured a glass of milk. When the toaster was done I put it on a plate and spread peanut butter on it and ate. After I got done eating I went upstairs to my bathroom. and took a shower. I thought I was the only home so I started singing "Your insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk thought the doororor" I sing at the top of my lungs "Chloe stop sing, your not home alone" My brother tanner said. I shut up in embarrassment. But on the bright side my brothers back from collage.

 I got out of the shower wrap a towel around me and went to my room I put on my soccer uniform. I grab another towel that was slightly smaller and wrap it on my hair to get some of the water out of my head. I check my phone and I had a text from my mum saying good luck and that she was coming. My mum comes to all my soccer game she really supportive. Her job is nothing like my dads, she a doctor. She has a crazy schedule too, but not as crazy as my dads.

 I got up, walked back into the bathroom and started drying my hair. I pulled it back and a blue and black ribbons, our team colors, in my hair. I walk to my car and started it. I'm going be a senior and I'm eighteen so I just got my license. I arrived to my soccer game just in time for warm ups.

 I got voted team captain, so I have to on top of my game. The game was about to start I see my mom but not my dad. I was a forward so that meant trying to make the goals. We got in our positions. I Looked in the crowd one more time, Still no dad, Oh well I still have to be on top of my game. The Refes blow the whistle and I take off with the ball I was getting ready to make a goal, and a defender steals the ball at the same time trips me. Well that probably blow my collage scholarship. My brother got a collage scholarship for soccer, so I want one too. My brother got one for basketball too and they are both for the same school. I only play soccer that's why I really want it.

 We stole the ball back and it got back to me so I went to the same defender an dfaked him out and got the goal. Us 1 them 0! I knew I was going to get in trouble for the fake out. Fake out is something I came up with when I was 11 and they are very risky. My coaches hate when I do them. "Time" my coach calls. Great I'm in trouble.

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