One Direction Imagines :)

Hi Everyone I`ll Try My Best To Do These Imagines So Just Comment Your Favorite Boy,Age,Hair Color, Eye Color,Personality And Tell Me What Kind Of Type Like Horror,Romantic,Clean,Dirty Anything You Wish For And You Could Do More Than One Boy Plus Tell Me The Place You Want It To Be At!!!!! This Is My First Time So I Will Try To Give It A Go Well Bye =) :)


2. Dirty Punk Niall Imagine for Hailee =)

Imagine: You were walking home, it was getting dark outside, when you were passing an alleyway you heard someone say hey you come here, you continued walking then someone covered your mouth you were struggling you kicked him in the balls he fell on the ground.You said what do you want you  punk when he got up I saw him completely he had alot of tattoos and piercings, he had blue eyes and blonde hair then he said can  you help me find my dog I lost him, you said okay so you followed him  to a place he said come inside or I will kill you. You were very scared, when he closed the front door, he pushed you against the wall and started kissing your neck, you moan, then he started taking your shirt off then he unclipped your bra and sucking your breasts and he carried you upstairs as you both were kissing he pushed you on  bed and you both started making out, he was taking your jeans off. He saw that you were very wet he said he will be back when he came back he had rope in his hands, he tied you to the bedpost then he took off his pants and boxers and he took your panties off and he said you  better yell my name soo loud so the neighbors could hear you then he slammed into you, you were moaning very loudly when he hit your g-spot  you yelled his name NIALL I AM ABOUT TO CUM he said wait until I tell you too you said I cant hold it anymore when you both reached your climax he said I love you, and you said I love you too stranger. xxxxx Hailee I hope you like it I did my very best <3 =) xxxxxx       

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