One Direction Imagines :)

Hi Everyone I`ll Try My Best To Do These Imagines So Just Comment Your Favorite Boy,Age,Hair Color, Eye Color,Personality And Tell Me What Kind Of Type Like Horror,Romantic,Clean,Dirty Anything You Wish For And You Could Do More Than One Boy Plus Tell Me The Place You Want It To Be At!!!!! This Is My First Time So I Will Try To Give It A Go Well Bye =) :)


1. One Direction Imagines#1

                                                    Your Child Falls Asleep On Other Boy (Niall,Zayn,Louis)                                                                                                                                                                                                      Niall: Peaceful Snores Leaving Your Daughters Parted Lips Filled The Quiet Room Her Head Was Firmly Placed On Zayn`s Chest As He Tangled One Of His Hands In Her Soft Hair Lightly Stroking It. Making Her Nuzzle Even Closer To Him. All Niall Did Was Stare. His Little Princess Has Never Fell Asleep On Him.Arms Crossed Over His Chest As He Watched Them For One More Moment. He Slowly Approached,Placing One Hand To His Daughters Back While He Used The Other One To Support Her Legs As He Slowly Placed Her In His Embrace I Think It`s Time For Her To Go To Bed."                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Zayn: He blankly stared at Louis. He still couldn`t believe that it actually happened. His little boy peacefully slept cuddled close to Louis, His long hand covering him tucking him in, Nobody could put that kid asleep. Quiet thank you left Zayn`s smiling lips as he carefully shifted his son`s body from the couch to his arms slowly caring him to bed."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Louis: He was supposed to be a fun dad. The one who will always be needed by his kids. It surprised  him when his son wanted uncle Liam to play with him, Annoyed sigh left Louis lips while he nervously shifted his weight from one leg to another waiting on Liam to hand him his sleepy boy. He reached his arms and readily took his son. No words had been exchanged between the two boys as Louis carried his son to bed.                                                             

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