Marcel: the nerd

This fanfic is written from Marcel's POV/diary. It talks about his life, and how crazy it is to be Harry Styles' twin brother. But when Marcel gets bullied by the kids at school, does Harry come in to help him? Read along and find out!


1. Day 1

Dear Diary,

Hi. My name is Marcel Styles, and this is MY diary. My brother, Harry, calls it a journal...but what's wrong with calling it by it's name? I wouldn't like it if people called me Harry, but I don't have to worry because that never happens. Even though Harry and I are identical twins, we aren't exactly the same. In fact, we are nothing alike. He's Harry. I'm Marcel. He's "the one from the boy band". I'm "the one from the chess club". He's into music. I'm more into the marketing business. He's the "cool one". I'm the "nerd." And according to my calculations, about 90% of the world refers to Harry as "the attractive one". I'm not mad about that though.....Harry is my brother, We may not talk much anymore, but he's there when I need him, and that's all I really need. I mean, it would be nice to come on tour with the band every once in a while...but if Harry doesn't want me there, then it's okay. I guess.


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