Summer Paradise

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  • Published: 27 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2013
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This poem is being published in Miracle E Zine magazine :)


1. Summer Paradise

The icy winter lasts an eternity,

the blanket of snow stretches to infinity.

Beyond the clouds, the sun fails to shine,

the flowers don't blossom, and the world isn't mine.


Then the light washes the darkness away,

The world bursts to life, with the sun's sparkling ray.

Staining the sky with the pink light of dawn,

all the darkness in the world has suddenly gone.


I will spread my wings, and take to the sky,

I'll fly over the rainbow, and the clouds so high.

When night arrives, and saps away the light,

I will shine with the stars and dance with the night.


The first flower of summer, brings hope to my heart,

It's petals so mesmerizing, a work of pure art.

The sun falls from the sky, and the light starts to fade,

the night has come but I am no longer afraid.


The colors of Summer dance before my eyes,

the winter's creatures depart with goodbyes.

The whole wide world sits in the palm of my hand,

 as I write my name in the golden sand.


The butterfly's wings softly brush my cheek,

a creature of beauty, that never does speak.

As I sit back, and stare at a beautiful sunrise,

I know I have found my summer paradise.













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