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Katrina a vampire since may 2 1612. She will always be a blood sucker. But she isn't any normal one though. Her scent of honey. The first ever female of the 'pures' though she also has more power and stronger. Don't piss her off or she might snap you in half. 401 years old now. But her age was stopped the day she was turned 18. Now, 2013. She meets someone. A human. That's changes everything. A boy. Named Harry Styles. But there is a secret he has too. What is it?


1. Chapter 1; A crazy man?

Katerina POV:

1612, May 2 

Walking home with a bucket of water from the well, I stumble on a branch. Damn long skirts. I wish Ma would sew them shorter. Setting down the bucket, I kneel down. Struggling to get my dress skirt unstuck. Loosing my balance, I fall on my bottom. Ow!
Mother is going to throw a fit, now that I got myself dirty. 


Hearing a twig being broken, made my skin crawl. Probably a animal. Pa says a lot of wild creatures live out in these woods. Shaking my thought of being followed, I pull myself up to where I was on now my knees. 

Starting to tug on it, again. 
Cold sweat ran down my back as hearing my own heart beating against my chest. 
"W-who's t-there?" I stutter out. 

Then it happened again. 

"A-anywhere one h-here?" I mumble frantically tugging at my skirt again. 


Heart pounding so loud, hearing it getting closer. I don't want to die. It break my Ma's and Pa's heart. I'm only 18. I'm suppose to get married. Even if I don't want to be married. I still want a life. Please. Please just be a bunny or something. Please.


I knew it was right behind me. I could feel the beady eyes stare at me at the back of the head. No, it wasn't a bunny. It was something big. 

"Haha." It's voice chuckles deeply with evilness to it. I'm dead. 

"Now, I see my meal has a bit of a issue." It's voice directly at me. This wasn't normal. I'm not crazy. No predator animal talks. Only us. This isn't right. What is it? I'm crazy. Katrina your crazy. 

"Mm...she smells Devine. Darling I can hear your blood coursing through your very veins." It's voice sounding more like male. No. No. I can't be crazy. Ma said I was never crazy. Why am I now?

In a 'SWOOSH', he or it was behind me. His or its body touching mine. Gulping down my fear.

His lips pressed to my ear. Chuckles. "You smell of....of...mm...I....see.." He smirks in my ear. No use of denying it now. Curiously wanting to know what he was talking about..
"What?" I ask. "You smell of honey." He answers. "So..your point?" I ask slowly. "My point is you are one of the very few. Those vampires are the pure ones before they were turned. There stronger then any other 'fate' vampire alive. you are actually the first female one. They smell of honey. It's a very strong scent. Some vampires don't have the scent because they weren't born to be vampires. It was fate that got them." He informs me. 
Vampires? VAMPIRES! I'm loosing it. Or no this guy is crazy. 

"I..I..I.." I began but was stopped by his 'shh'. Closing my lips. Hot breath on my neck. 
"I'm..so...hungry..mm..but..I..know I can't. I'll have to get my dinner afterward. Sweetheart. I'm glad I get to do the honor." He whispers to me. 

Honor! What honor? He's crazy!

Feeling his icy cold hands on my wrists, to keep me from struggling. Letting go one of my wrists but tightens his hold on the other. 
"Ow." I yelp in pain. I hear a crunch. What is he doing? 

Ma! Pa! I'm sorry. 

Before I knew it he shoved his own wrist to my lips, forcing me to drink his own blood. 

Sick! Crazy. Though it did taste good. Odd. Katrina that's his blood! Are you crazy!? 

Bringing his wrist down, his own blood dripped down my pure pink plump lips. 

"This will be quick death. You'll wake quick dear. I promise." He says to me. I'm gonna die by a crazy man. 

Without a time to think I feel my head being twisted ruffly where it made a 'snap'. 
I was out. 

10 minutes later...

Waking up abruptly from the hard surface of the earth. What happened. Then my memories rushed back. This is impossible I'm suppose to be dead. No. It can't be real. Looking to my left. I see a guy with red hair. Making him more evil then necessary. Look about 30s. Red eyes just like his hair. That's how I knew it was all real. Everything. 

He smiled showing his two white fangs and I shriek in shock. He laughed. 
Suddenly they went back in like they weren't there and his eyes went to green. What? 
"Beautiful call me Ed. Ed Sheeren." He  smirked. 
This can't be happening. 

Then I feel it. White fangs lengthiness in my mouth. "No..what's happening to me?" I yell. "It's looks like your hungry." He smiles big. 
My throat closing as if telling me 'thristy'. 

"Come on you need to feed. You need blood." He says gesturing to follow. 

Stomach growling I follow. I hate this..

We get to a house. A familiar one, too. 
My house.. No! We can't..

"Not here. Please." I cry out. 
"Yes here. You need too. I'm sorry." He says as if he knew. No! No. 
I can't my family. Please no. 

He opens the door, swiftly going in. I had no choice but to follow. By the time I got in I heard screaming. No!

He had my mother sucking the life out of her. I could hear her heart fading away till her last ounce of blood vanished. She was dead. My Ma was dead. Tears streamed down my face. Tasting them in my mouth. It tasted blood. No. Blood tears? Bringing my hand to my face, I swipe some off on my finger tip. Staring at it. It's blood. No. 
Looking back up at what was called a living room now looked like a reck. My Pa was in the corner with his shot gun. Now realizing he's been firing at him. Which doesn't faze 'Ed'. He looked at me. 
"Katrina. You need to go. Now." He yells at me. Coming close to me he stops. "Please don't.." I mumble. Shock filled his features. Hearing his very own heartbeat, my fangs lengthen once more. "I'm sorry." I say before I couldn't control myself any longer. 
I lunged at him. And drank him dry. 
Afterward I stayed and cried. Mumbling 'I'm sorry' over and over again. Ed picked me up and carried me off. 
"Let me go!" I shout but he only tightens his grip and still heading off. "I need to teach you everything." He says and didn't speak till the night was done. 

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-kacey  xx

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