A Love That Lasts

When May Smith a girl from California is suddenly dragged along with her mom to dreary old London she doesn't know what to do with herself. Then she meets Harry Styles, one of the cutest boys in school. Will he turn her world upside down? Maybe London wasn't as dreary as she thought. What will happen between Harry and May? I guess you will have to read and find out.


4. Movie Night

As soon as i got to my house i went upstairs to change. I think i should put on something comfortable, but cute for Harry. Just then my phone buzzed and i got a text from Jaz.

From: Jaz

Can you come tonight??

I typed back right away

To: Jaz 

Count me in!

From: Jaz

Awesome!! Be at my house at 6(:

I went to my closet and decided to wear my red skirt with my white v-neck and a jean jacket. Oh and i cant forget my red Toms. I decided not to wear make-up. Again. I walked downstairs and saw my mom sitting on the couch.

"Hey hun! how was your first day of school?" she asked eager to know everything.

"Its was great! I met a lot of new friends and i was just about to go meet up with them if that's ok?"

"Of course honey! go on don't let me keep you waiting" i felt bad after that remark, i hate leaving my mom by herself. Since her and my dad divorced shes been really lonely and i hate it.

"Mom you could never keep me waiting" i said back "How about tomorrow we have a girls night? just me and you?" at this she smiled real big which made me happy. Now she had something to look forward too. I then walked outside, it was a nice day so i decided to walk to Jaz' house, and it wasn't that far anyways. I was walking and decided to cut through an alley, not my brightest idea but ya know whatever. Just then i got a text from Harry.

From: Harry(:

Hey(: R u almost here love?

he was so cheeky it made me smile and i responded right away.

To: Harry(:

Yeah(: Decided to walk.

Just then i saw a boy probably a few years older than me walking towards me. I knew this wouldn't be good, i started backing away then i bumped into who i'm guessing is one of his friends.

"H...hi" i said stuttering "can i help you?"

they just laughed because they knew i was scared "you sure can sweetheart" he said pushing me up against the wall. He started feeling his way up my leg and into my skirt, i tried to yell for help but his grip was so tight i couldn't breath.

"Maybe we should go somewhere a little more private" he said.

"In your dreams dirt bag" i spat at him and he smacked me across the face. Just then a car swerved into the alley, they were going really fast they didn't stop until it almost hit the other guy who was standing by watching. A tall dark figure got out of the car but i couldn't see who it was. He walked over and punched the first guy in the face and started walking towards us.

"Let her go" he demanded. wait. I knew that voice. Who is that? 

"The guy gripping me tightly threw me on the ground behind him.

"Uhhhhh" I moaned in pain as i felt blood coming out of my head. The guy who was feeling me up walked over to the guy with the familiar voice. Then familiar voice guy hit him square in the head with a baseball bat which knocked him out cold. He ran over to me and helped me up.

"Oh my god May are you ok?" he asked worried. woah. woah. woah. Harry?!?

"H..Harry?" i asked 

"Yeah? lets get you to Jaz' ok?" he said and picked me up taking me to his car and sitting me in the passengers seat.

~At Jaz' House~

Harry carried me inside and sat me down on the couch.

"Here" he said "Let me get you some ice" he said standing up

I grabbed his arm "No Harry, its fine ill get it myself" but as soon as i stood up my head ached in pain so i sat back down as Harry went to get me some ice. He got back and held the ice to my head.

"Thanks for saving me Harry" i said because i forgot to thank him earlier.

"No problem, i would do it again for you" Again? why would he want to go through that again? i surely- i was cut off by realizing Harry's lips were fairly close to mine. He's going to kiss me! Oh no...

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