A Love That Lasts

When May Smith a girl from California is suddenly dragged along with her mom to dreary old London she doesn't know what to do with herself. Then she meets Harry Styles, one of the cutest boys in school. Will he turn her world upside down? Maybe London wasn't as dreary as she thought. What will happen between Harry and May? I guess you will have to read and find out.


5. Interrupted

Our lips were centimeters apart when Jaz came from the basement 

"How did you guys get in here?" she asked surprised. "Oh...was I interrupting something?"

"Uh...yeah kinda" Harry replied. I just looked at him confused but he wouldn't make eye contact with me. Just then Jaz noticed my injuries.

"OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" she literally screamed

"Just got into a little trouble" I responded trying to make her laugh

"That's not funny M, i'm serious!" 

"These guys were just being guys ok? Harry saved me so im fine" I said giving him a smile to which he returned. Just then the front door flew open and 4 boys ran in.

"Harry!!!" the one with flowy brown hair and a striped shirt on yelled as he tackled Harry. "and who is this?" he winked at me jokingly. I just laughed

"boys this is May, shes the new girl at our school" Jaz said "May this is Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn.

"Ohhhh yeah, I've heard about you!" he smiled "its nice to finally meet you"

"its nice to finally meet you guys too!" i said cheerfully. Then Louis and all the boys shared a concerned look.

"Can I ask what happened to your face love?" Liam questioned. I just looked down while Harry spoke up.

"These guys were trying to mess with her, but i handled it" he said then Louis latched onto Harry saying "oh Harry! your my hero!" being all dramatic and we all just laughed. Just then someone burst through the door who I don't think was invited.

"Hi guys!" she squealed. Her voice made me cover my ears and I really wanted to punch her across the face. She ran and sat down in between me and Harry cuddling up to him. I just sat there. Confused. Louis came over and plopped down next to me.

"That's Harry's girlfriend" I felt my heart shatter into 1 million pieces. How could he almost kiss me when he has a girlfriend? 

What a jerk! I looked around and everyone was staring at me, whoops I must have said it out loud.

I smiled and said "sorry haha my mom just texted me saying I need to get home. See you guys monday!" I lied, then I hurried quickly out of there before anyone could offer me a ride.

When I got home I layed on my bed crying. Why am I crying? I barely know Harry! He's just a jerk I happened to meet. I bet all the girls fall for him. I soon fell into a deep sleep.

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