A Love That Lasts

When May Smith a girl from California is suddenly dragged along with her mom to dreary old London she doesn't know what to do with herself. Then she meets Harry Styles, one of the cutest boys in school. Will he turn her world upside down? Maybe London wasn't as dreary as she thought. What will happen between Harry and May? I guess you will have to read and find out.


7. Dead or Alive?

The door creaked open slowly. I'm dead i thought shes going to kill me!

Just then my covers were thrown off the bed and i didn't open my eyes i was too scared

"Just kill me already!" i screamed

"May?" she said, that was not Sammy. I looked up to see Jaz standing there.

"JAZ!" i screamed through tears "i'm so happy to see you!"

"whats wrong with you?" she asked concerned

"Harry broke up with Sammy today...and she threatened me" i said not wanting to remember it

"oh" she said understanding

"I thought you were her"

"sorry, your mom called ans told me you were home alone so i came to check on you. I should have knocked"

"how did you get in anyways?"

"the front door was unlocked"

"well shit" i said 

"come on lets get to my house. I don't want you here by yourself"

"thanks Jaz your the best" i said as i packed a few things and headed out to her car


~Jaz' House~ 


We hopped out of Jaz's car and to her front door.

"May i should probably tell you something before you come in" she said 

"what do you me-" i stop talking when she opens the door and i see the boys standing there watching tv. "oh no" i said, i knew i looked like i was crying and they probably noticed

"sorry i should have told you before"

The boys looked over and saw us. They all jumped up and Harry gave me a concerned look, obviously noticing my puffy eyes.

"guys can you give me and May a minute?" he asks and everyone nodded there heads and left the room. He walked over to me and just stood there, nothing. No hug. 

"you ok?" he asks, not sounding very concerned. Whats his deal?

"i'm fine" i said in a rude tone

"you don't have to be scared of her you know" he said, his carelessness was getting on my nerves

"well maybe i wouldn't have to be if you didn't say my name" i snapped

"so this is my fault?" he shouted at me

"yeah! it kinda is!" i yelled and then ran out the door

"May wait!" he yelled after me, he acted like he liked me, and like he was there to protect me but he wasn't. what a jerk. I ran and ran until i gave up and sat down on a bench. Just then a while van pulled up and someone popped out.Sammy.

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