A Love That Lasts

When May Smith a girl from California is suddenly dragged along with her mom to dreary old London she doesn't know what to do with herself. Then she meets Harry Styles, one of the cutest boys in school. Will he turn her world upside down? Maybe London wasn't as dreary as she thought. What will happen between Harry and May? I guess you will have to read and find out.


12. Betrayed

"Harry!?" He pulled away from his make out sesh and turned around in shock "wha..what do you think your doing?" i said trying to hold back the tears.

"May its not what you think!"

"Its not what i think? Its exactly what i think! Your cheating on me! I thought we had something special!" i cried, no longer being able to hold back the tears. I turned and ran as fast as i could.

"May! May wait!" Harry screamed out behind me but i just kept running.

When i past the boys, Jaz and Luke they all looked at me confused

"May what happened?!?!" Jaz called out but i was already out the door. I needed to get out of there i ran and ran until i didn't know where i was. I walked up to a random person and asked them

"umm...excuse me?" i said tapping them on the shoulder and he turned around. He was pretty. cute. "do you know where i am?" 

"uh...yeah your in downtown Holmes Chapel" he said is his deep voice

"wow...i ran far" i said trying not to remember why i ran

"do you need a lift home?" he asked smiling

"yeah...that would be nice" i said giving him a fake smile and we walked to his car.

(skipping the ride so i don't bore you to death)


~Mays House~


"thanks for the ride...?"

"Nathan" he interrupted (from the wanted...? OH NO!)

"oh well thanks for the ride Nathan" i said sweetly and i gave him my number

I walked inside and Luke was sitting there with two boys i didnt know.

"Uhh..hey Luke" i said as he looked up and saw me

"hey are you ok?" he asked worried

"im fine..who are your friends?" i asked hoping that he made friends his own age

"this is Calum and Michael" he said pointing to each of the boys

"well hi im Luke's sister nice to meet you" i said and went upstairs and layed down on my bed. I drifted off into a long deserved nap.


~Next Morning at School~ 


I walked into school trying to be aware of my surroundings, i did not want to run into Harry. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder and i froze.

"Its just me ya doofus" Louis childish voice said

"shut up Louis shes hurting" Jaz said hugging me

"thanks Jaz" i said giving Louis an evil stare but he just laughed. I moved from Jaz's grip and punched Louis in the arm.

"OW!" he shouted and we got a lot of confused looks. Louis offered to walk me to my first class so if i ran into Harry, Louis would tell him to go away. Luckily we didn't run into him, and i didn't see him in any classes the rest of the day.


~Skipping Ahead~


The rest of the week went by, still no Harry. I got a few texts from Nathan asking if i wanted to hang out, i told him sure and that i would let him no when i was avalible. Nathan was just a friend, all i could think about right now is Harry. I would have to face him one day. So i decided to do it today. I got in my car after school and went to Harry's.


~Harry's House~ 


When i got there his car wasn't in the driveway. I decided to knock on the door and see if his mom was home. There was a note on the door, it read:

Dear May,

I left Cheshire, my parents have split up and my mum has moved me and taken me with her. I hope to see you again someday. Im deeply sorry for what i did, please forgive me. I love you May.




Hes....g-g-gone? I felt the tears coming. He broke my heart and then he just leaves?! I didn't know if i was angry at him or hurt. Maybe both. He loves me...what if i will never be able to tell him that i feel the same way. 


~thanks to all my readers!!!!!!! You guys are fricken amazing! love you all! I will be posting a sequel to this one so you better stay tuned and see what happens! I will start it within the next week or so~


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