Love at First Sight

Angela Gray is your average 18 year old girl. On her 19th b-day her parents buy her a ticket to London, UK to stay for the summer and in the fall return to the US. Over the summer she runs into the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction. Will it be love at first sight or will it they just become normal friends? Will she fall for him or his best mate? Find out all the answers in Love at First Sight.


2. Shopping!!

By the time we got to the restaurant it was 1:30. It was actually just a small diner near the mar so that we won't have to dive far since the mall is about an hour away from where i live. We went and sat down and the waitress brought us our menus."Would you like anything to drink" ,she asked."Can i get a coke." "Me too." Lexi said."So whats up" I asked. "Nothing really" She said. "Ok"

We ordered our food and waited. A while later we got our food and ate. 


We got to the mall and went straight to Aeropostale. I bought some jeans,shorts, and some casual shirts. Lexi also bought some jeans and shorts. We then headed to Forever 21. We bought some heels and skirts and went to some more stores. It was about 7:15 and we started heading home.


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