Love at First Sight

Angela Gray is your average 18 year old girl. On her 19th b-day her parents buy her a ticket to London, UK to stay for the summer and in the fall return to the US. Over the summer she runs into the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction. Will it be love at first sight or will it they just become normal friends? Will she fall for him or his best mate? Find out all the answers in Love at First Sight.


1. Birthday Girl

I woke up to the sound of my baby sister crying. I looked over to the clock on my bedside table and saw it was only 8:45 am. I went to check on her. When I got there i saw my mom holding her in her arms. "Good Morning" I said to my mom. "Good morning to my birthday girl." OMG I totally forgot today was my birthday."I totally forgot!" I exclaimed.I then hugged her and said thanks then went back to bed.

Three hours later i woke up to my phone buzzing on the bedside table. I picked up my iphone 4s and looked at my screen. My best friend Lexi was calling. I answered and said "Hello.""Hey birthday girl"she said "Hi why did call me so early? Its only 11:45."I complained "I was just wondering if you wanted to come to lunch with me then we could go shopping for a while."she asked "Sure what time and where."I asked "Be ready at 1 and I'll come pick you up" "Okay bye i gotta get ready."

I hung up and went to my wardrobe. I grabbed by towel and ran to the bathroom for a shower. I stripped down and got under the warm water. It felt so good on my skin. I then shampooed and conditioned my hair and rinsed it. Then I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I then stepped in my room and walked over to my wardrobe. I picked out a pink bra and matching underwear and put them on. Then i picked out a white floral shirt and blue skinny jeans and put  them on. Then i put on my matching white flats and went to do my makeup. I put some mascara on, a bit of eye shadow, some pink blush ,and some red lip gloss. I looked over at the clock and saw it was 12:55. I grabbed my purse and dropped my phone in and put my favorite red lip gloss and my wallet and ran downstairs. I said bye to my mom and walked outside to wait for Angela.

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