Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


7. Waiting...

Paris's POV

Steph continued to drag me to the football field where the boys were playing. Her grip on my wrist was getting harder and harder. She was determained to meet these boys. When Steph gets determained, there is no stopping her. But what I don't get is why she was so determained to meet these boys... The closer we got to them, the tighter her grip was and the faster she walked.

"Steph... Steph! Stop! You're hurting me!" I yelled. She stopped only becuase we were at the field. She let go of my wrist and I rubbed it. It was bright red and I could tell it was going to bruise. I didn't realize that Steph left me and went to sat down on the bench off to the side. The boys playing noticed us and started walking over. That was my cue to walk away. I was a few feet away when I felt a hand grab my wrist and pulled me back. It caught me off gaurd and was flown to the ground.

"You alright love?" someone asked. I looked up and saw a hand. I grabbed it and the boy helped me up. He looked familiar. "Hey! You're Paris from the pet store. Remember me? I bought some dog food. I'm Liam," he said. I smiled and nodded remembering him and his friend, Zayn, come in and buy some puppy chow.

"Paris?" one boy asked. He had blonde hair and an Irish accent. I nodded at him. "You look familiar..." he said putting is forefinger on his chin. He looked like he was thinking. "Weren't you just here? Didn't I hit you in the face with the football?" he asked. All eyes were on him then on me.

"No. I was over by the courts," I said pointing to the tennis courts a little ways down. They looked down there then at me. There was then an awkward silence.

"Well... I'm Josh. This is Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry," Josh said. I smiled and nodded. I looked over at Steph and she looked starstruck.

"I'm Paris and this is my friend Steph," I informed them. They all nodded. "We came over here, well I was dragged, because Steph was staring at you guys playing football," I smirked. Aparently, Steph was out of her little trance she was in because she smacked my arm... And quite hard to!

"That sounded like it hurt," Zayn said. I rubbed my arm and nodded.

"Looks like I wasn't suppose to say that," I laughed.

"Well... Did you like what you see?" Harry asked. I saw Steph blush. Louis smacked him.

"Quit flirting," he laughed. He then looked at us. "So, you girls want to play?" he asked. I shook my head.

"I don't really play. My sport is tennis," I told them. I saw Steph nodding wildly at their invitation. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and checked the text I recieved.


Where are you?! Why aren't you home?! -Mum


My jaw dropped as I read the message. I got some confused looks. I started to walk away from the group.

"Sorry guys. I have to go," I said still walking. I looked at Steph. "Mum texted... It was nice meeting you all! BYE!" I yelled then took off in a dead sprint. I kept running. I got to the street I had to cross. I didn't look before I ran though. I heard a car's brake screech. I looked up to see an orange Jeep screeching to a stop. I jump off into the grass on the other side of the road. I looked around scared and was shaking. Well, what a nice thing to tell my mum... "Hey mum. Guess what... I almost got hit by a car today. Be proud!" Yeah... no. I noticed no other cars around which was good for the people driving the Jeep. I got up and continued running to my house. I finally arrived and ran in. I saw my mum waiting for me.

"Where have you been young lady?!" she yelled. I stood there trying to catch my breath. I just looked at her.

"I... was at... the park," I said between breaths. She just shook her head and walked into the kitchen. I followed. She had a glass of water already out for me. I took it and chugged it down.

"Why didn't you text or call?!" she asked angry. I looked at her then sat down at the counter.

"You said you were working late so I didn't think I had to call," I huffed. She rolled her eyes. Then she noticed what I was wearing.

"Is that a uniform?" she asked. I nodded. "Where?" she asked angry. I sighed and looked at her.

"The pet shop down the road," I said like it was no big deal... Cause it wasn't... But it was to her.

"I said you are going to work as SYCO," she said trying to keep her cool. I rolled my eyes at her. "Now you have a little bit to go practice piano," she told me. Wait... A little bit?

"What do you mean by a little bit?" I asked her serious. My mother smirked at me.

"I planned a date for you," she said with a smile. "I got it all planned out... He is going to take you to the fancy resaurant in town. It will be so romantic. But the end, you two will be falling in love and... Well, I will tell you the rest after the date," she said with a smile then a sigh. I just looked at her.

"You are forcing me to go on a blind date?!" I yelled. She nodded.

"Now go shower and start getting ready. I don't think you will have enough time to get ready if you practice piano," she told me while guiding me up stairs into my room.

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