Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


40. Take You Out

London's POV

 Once I found a clear spot I sat on the edge of the cliff. I looked up at the moon taking in the fresh air. "Men," I scoffed. If I could I would live one day in a guys life. I want to see what goes on in there little brains. I shook my head. Men should treat girls to the highest respect. But they are dip shits.

"London?" I heard a voice. I turned around to see Paris. Great. I stood up. She began to approach me. "London, is that you?" I quickly ran past her, following the path I took. I kept running until I made hard contact with a body.

"Paris? Did you see the boogie man or something?" Niall's Irish accent laughed. He then grabbed my shoulders getting a good look at me. "London?" Niall whispered. He pulled me in tight, hugging me.

"Why?" I whispered shoving him back. "Please, just leave me be," I whispered turning around. I hugged my self as the wind picked up. Niall placed his coat on my shoulders.

"Can we talk?" Niall asked. I turned to him. "I just want to talk okay?"

"Just tell me one thing, are we still together?" I asked. He stood there for a moment. He sighed.

"I just need a break, I think we are just stressed and it.." Niall began to ramble on.

"NIALL... Please, I really don't want to talk to you any more," I said shoving the coat in his hands. "Im tired of trying with, I think we are just done." I said walking away from him. I walked fast though.

"London!" Niall yelled for me. But I ignored him. I walked right out of the woods to see Liam and Harry leaning against the hood of Harry's Jeep.

"London!" Harry said standing up. "I was worried about you." Harry said trying to hug me.

"Harry, just please take me home,"" I said holding my hand up. Harry sighed, but nodded understandingly. Liam stood up nodding at me. I got into Harry's Jeep he got in also and we watched as Niall and Paris came walking out of the woods.

"Are you two on good terms?" Harry asked as we pulled away.

"No, we are done, for good, I really Im tired of trying," I said leaning my head against the window. Harry just sighed.

"Niall really has never had a serious girlfriend, he probably thinks after a week or two you guys will be back together." Harry said turning a corner. I just laughed.

"I wouldn't dare, I can't let someone walk over my heart like that," I said as Harry pulled into my drive way. "Do you want to stay?"

"I think Im going to head home, I think what you need right now is some space to take in a what has happened, but I will come over tomorrow to check on you," Harry said smiling. I nodded. I leaned over kissing his cheek before getting out.

"Night Harry," I said shutting the door. I walked into my house straight into my room. I hung up my dress, threw my shoes in there box, and took down my hair. I put on my pjs and layed down. I turned on Netflix falling asleep to Love Actually.


"I got a pocket got a pocket full of sun shine I got a love that I know is all mine, Oh, oowoho," I said pulling out my Rolling Stones shirt. I pulled on my ripped skinny jeans and threw my shirt on. I pulled my hair back into a Dutch braid and put in my red bandana.

"Hunny?" My dad called for me. I grabbed my side purse and my converses. I ran downstairs.

"Yeah dad?" I asked putting on my shoes.

"Im going to work, do you want to bring me dinner, if its not to much to ask," Dad asked pulling on his coat. I nodded.

"Sure, I will bring you some spaghetti," I said pulling my Jack Wills sweatshirt over my head. "I will be over around 6ish."

"Okay, love you sweety," My dad said before leaving. I walked into the kitchen grabbing a bagel. I grabbed my keys and purse, and walking straight to my car. I then drove to my favorite little café. I parked getting out grabbing my book and walking inside.

"Hey London!" I turned to find Zoey, a friend from school, said walking up to me. "How have you been?"

"Im fine, what have you been up to?" I asked getting into line. Zoey shrugged.

"I have been working, how boring right," Zoey said laughing, and I knew she was being her fake self. I nodded smiling.

"I have been doing to the same, but I have gotten a lot of days off to rest," I said before ordering my coffee.

"Wow, I wish I had days to rest, so how about we catch up some time?" Zoey asked. I nodded watching her walk away. I watched as her hair swayed. It was red. I shook my head. No no, Niall wouldn't take Zoey.

"Here you are," the guy said handing me my coffee. I smiled walking over to an empty table. I was about to set my bag down, but I felt my phone buzz. I pulled my phone out of my purse.

From Harry: Hey where are you?

To Harry: The little café down the corner, why?

From Harry: I stopped by, but you weren't home

To Harry: Keys under the mat, I will be there soon

I threw my phone  and book into my bag and picked up my coffee walking out to my car. I drove home quickly, parking to the side of Harry. I got out and got inside quickly looking for him. I set my things on the kitchen table running upstairs.

"Harry?" I yelled. I walked in to my room watching him go through an old photo album.

"You look so cute as a little kid," Harry said turning his head towards me. I just blushed a bit.

"I forgot you were coming over, I really did," I said sitting next to him. I watched as he flipped through the pages. I shrugged. "I don't really look through these any more."

"Why not, they probably bring back a lot of memories," Harry said slowly closing it. I just layed back.

"Yeah, but not all memories are that great," I said as Harry rose from the bed. "I just wish some of them were with my sister."

"Well that's where you can blame your parents," Harry said hovering above me. "But you can't since they don't know you two know each other." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah yeah, I know, I still don't understand why he never told me about her," I said rolling over onto my side so I could face Harry.

"They must of had a reason," Harry said grabbing one of my pillows. "And it must have been something big." I got up and walking out of my room.

"Well, I think its stupid," I said before walking downstairs. I grabbed my coffee sipping it slowly. I heard Harry's footsteps so I decided to play a trick. I ran to the pantry shutting the door behind me. I sat there quietly.

"London?" Harry called. I could here his footsteps getting closer. I began to giggle a bit. "Found you," Harry said opening the doors to the pantry. I just stood up.

"Yeah yeah, now help me make spaghetti," I said tossing him the can of sauce. I grabbed the noodles and shut the doors behind me.

"Why?" Harry asked setting the can down.

"Cause my dad needs dinner," I said pulling out few pans.

"Well just make him some, cause I wanted to take you out on a date tonight," Harry said. I turned to him shocked.

"Me?" I asked pointing to myself. Harry just let out a low chuckle.

"Well of course, who else would I take," Harry said as I filled the pot with water.



NOTE: OMG Harry is falling. Dam Girl!~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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