Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


52. such a great chapter name

Paris' POV

 "What?" I asked shocked. I couldn't believe this. "Why?"

"She thinks its just better," Liam said sitting down.

"She.. she can't leave," I said looking at Liam sad. Liam rubbed my back. "Why America?"

"She wanted space to concentrate, and she made this decision her self," Liam said pulling me into his strong embrace.

"I.. I need to tell Niall," I said trying to get up but Liam grabbed my wrist. "What?"

"You can't tell anyone, especially Niall and Harry, London was going to leave them letters so when she leaves they can't stop her," Liam explained. "It was her idea."

"I know that, its just I feel bad for the lads," I said as Liam let go of my wrist. "Im gonna go."

"Okay," Liam whispered standing up.


Niall's POV

 I sat at home flipping my phone around in my hands. I knew something is up, and I know for sure Liam isn't trying to hook up with London. But I have my doubts. Ring ring. My phone began to go off.

"Hello? Paris what did you find out?" I answered.

"Just meet me at Wilson Park," Paris said before hanging up. I slid my phone in my pocket and slid on my Vans. I grabbed a jacket and began to walk towards Wilson Park.


When I got to the park I saw Paris on swing. I walked over sitting in the other empty swing.

"So?" I asked.

"I can't tell you," Paris whispered. I sighed heavily. "But I can tell you that Liam and London aren't hooking up. London just went to Liam for.. advise," Paris explained.

"Well Im thankful they aren't hooking up, but you need to tell me what's going on with London, I need to fix my wrongs and make them rights," I pleaded. Paris only sighed.

"I want to trust me I really do," Paris said looking over at me.

"Then tell me, I promise I wont say a word to anyone," I quickly said. Paris looked around and sighed.

"London is 'moving' to America," She whispered.

"What!" I said standing up. Paris hushed me.

"She is going to college there so she can concentrate better," Paris said swinging her legs. "I thought it was kinda smart."

"Maybe for her, but for me no," I said pacing.

"Niall, all you can do is support her, well, you can't tell anyone, but when she leaves support her," Paris said smiling. "The only bad part is I don't know when she is leaving."

"Well, you got the info from Liam right, well we will wait it out and just talk to Liam everyday asking about it," I said crossing my arms. "Its genius."

"I guess so," Paris said standing up. I picked her up hugging her. "Niall," Paris laughed.

"Thank you," I said before walking away. I decided I should call London.

ring ring ring... you have reach my voice box, leave a message after the beep, thanks.

That's weird usually she answers but I was sent to voice box... hmmm Maybe I should talk to Harry.


London's POV

 I saw Niall was trying to call me but I needed to get school shopping done. My mom was helping me so I won't forget anything.

"Hunny are you sure sure about this?" My mom asked for the millionth time. I just smiled.

"Im sure mom, I promise I will be fine," I said tossing packs of pencils into the cart. "Plus this could mean a fresh start, maybe some California guys," I winked. My mom just laughed.

"So have you told anyone about this whole college moving thing?" My mom asked.

I looked at a notebook thinking of the sad faces Harry and Niall would have reading the letters I would be leaving them.

"No, well I told Liam, but he is helping me with the packing and what not," I said tossing things into the cart. "Im probably going to tell Zayn and Louis later maybe tomorrow or something."

"Well I guess thats good, what about Niall and Harry?" My mom asked. I shook my head.

"Im not gonna tell them until the day I leave, well Liam is going to be the messenger, I will give him letters to give them." I said as we began to unload the cart on the check out counter. "I think Im gonna call Liam and asked him to help me pick out special necklaces to give them so they won't forget me."

"Hunny, no one could forget a special girl like you," My mom said kissing my cheek.


It was already past dinner and I think Im gonna call Liam. ring ring ring

"Liam?" I asked.

"Yes London?" Liam said sweetly.

"Can you help me with something?" I asked putting on my shoes."I want to buy the lads all necklaces, yours will be special don't worry."

"Sure, I will come pick you up, be there in 10," Liam said before hanging up.


Once we got to Kay's I immediately went over to the counter. I first found one for Zayn. It was two crescent moons hooked onto each other. One moon black and the other silver. It shows how much Zayn and I are connected, even if we are a bit different. "What do you think?" I asked Liam.

"I think he will love it," Liam said smiling. I nodded and continued to look around as Liam waited for the lady to box up that necklace. I then found one for Louis. It was a dark green wing with black splotches, and it also has a sea shell and a few small rings with it. It shows Louis helps me see the brighter side and helps me fly to great heights.

"Liam I found another, you stay right here while I find yours," I said smiling. Liam nodded as I trotted away. I looked around until I found the right one. It was a black and silver anchor with a few jewels. Liam will be the anchor that will keep me from going crazy.I asked the lady to wrap it up nicely and once she gave it to me I joined Liam.

"Found one?" Liam asked smiling. I nodded. "Alrighty." I tugged Liam to another display table. There I saw the perfect one for Harry. It was a shield and in-scripted it said 'Those Who Protect have the Strongest Love'. Clearly it explains why I picked it.

"I think it perfect," Liam said smiling. I nodded and continued to look. Once I layed my eyes on the necklace I couldn't help up buy it quickly. It was a heart that says 'He Who Holds the Key, can Unlock My Heart'. And it comes with a key..

"I think Im finally done." I said clipping the heart around my neck. "Thank you so much Liam," I said hugging him. I pulled out his necklace and opened the box. "For you, you are the anchor and you always keep me from going insane."

"Thank you," Liam said gently taking the box from me. He took out the necklace and put it on. "Its perfect." I smiled. "Here," Liam said handing me the bag with the rest of the necklaces.

"I will think of a clever way to give it to Zayn and Louis," I said smiling. We walked back to his car and on the way home Niall began to call me. "Here we go."

"London?" Niall asked.

"Yes?" I said looking out the window.

"Im so sorry, for everything, I really am," Niall whispered. It sounded like he was about to cry. "I over react, but that's because I love you so much."

"Niall.. I love you to," I said smiling. Then the line went dead. I sighed.

"What's wrong?" Liam asked as we pulled up to my house. I shrugged.

"Nothing at all, I better get going, I need sleep so I can pack tomorrow," I said opening the door.

"Night London," Liam said smiling.

"Night Li-Li," I said before shutting the door. I watched him drive away.

"So with Liam.... again?" I turned to see Niall arms crossed leaning against the door frame. Oh great.



NOTE: TADAAAAA. sorry it took so long. Show choir, track, and what not, lol. ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl


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