Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


2. Siblings?

London's POV

 After work I got into my jeep and made my way home. While on my way home I turned on the radio. And now for a new song by One Direction! I smiled to myself and turned up the radio.

And we danced all night to the best song ever

We knew every line now I can't remember

how it goes but I know that I won't forget her

'Cause we danced all night to the best song ever

I think it went oh oh oh I think it went yeah yeah yeah I think it goes, oh

I sang along until I came up to my house. I sighed and pulled the keys out of the ignition. I stepped out and walked inside to see my dad at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. "Hi dad," I said setting my school bag down.

"Hello sweet heart," Dad said setting his newspaper down. "I have to talk to you about something," Dad said pointing to the chair.

"What is it Dad?" I asked. He sighed.

"Have you gotten a job yet at Syco?" Dad asked. I sighed. This was the job Dad wanted me to have while Im in college, he thinks I have the creativity to be a drummer or a guitarist for a music artist.

"No dad, I haven't, but I do have a job at the music store a couple blocks away from our school," I said slightly smiling.

"And how long have you had this 'Job'?" Dad asked aggravated.

"like almost 2 years," I said looking down. Dad just grunted.

"I told you that you were going to work at Syco," Dad said pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I needed money, and more practice before I could even ask," I said leaning back. "Anyways I had a question for you," I said crossing my arms.

"And what is that," Dad said looking at me.

"Do I have like a brother or a sister, maybe even a twin or something? I mean you and mom got divorced when I was little so I wouldn't know," I said sitting up. Dad sighed.

"Look I told you we aren't going to disgust this. You are here with me and I want you to go to Syco and get a job tomorrow," Dad said standing up.

"But I have to work," I said standing up. Dad grunted walking out of the kitchen. I sighed and brought his mug to the sink rinsing it out and finishing the rest of the dishes. I then made my way to my room. I picked my guitar up and began strumming random notes. My phone then buzzed in my pocket.

From David~ Hey are you free?

To David~ I think, why?

From David~ Cause Im bored and I want to meet at the park, bring the football

To David~ Okay be there in 20

I put my phone back in my pocket and placed my guitar on its stand. I grabbed a hoodie and ran downstairs. "Dad can I meet David at the park?" I asked.

"Be back for dinner," Dad said still looking a his laptop.

"Love you," I said running out the door. I went into the garage and quickly grabbed the football(soccer ball) and threw it in my jeep. I then made my way to the park. Once I got there I saw David on a swing checking his phone.

"Yo David," I yelled throwing the football at him. He looked at me and caught the ball. He slid his phone into his pocket.

"Took you long enough," he smirked. I rolled my eyes. "So you ready to lose?" David asked laughing. I just shook my head.

"Your the one who is gonna lose," I said running over to the field with him.


Paris' POV

Once I got home I saw Mum got home before me. Great. I walked inside to see Mum talking to probably another client. She then hung up once she saw me. "Hi mum," I said walking into the living room.

"Sweet heart have you talked to anyone at Syco?" Mother asked. I shook my head sitting down. She sighed.

"Look hunny, I can't ask for you and you know that. I work in a different department of that building," Mum said sitting down. See my Mum is more of the designer when it comes to Syco.

"I know mum, its just I don't know if Im good enough," I said looking down. Mum sighed.

"Well if you don't get a job there you are going to college, THEN going to Syco," Mum said crossing her legs.

"But Mum I don't want to waste my life away," I said leaning forward.

"I don't care what you want," Mum said standing up. I sighed.

"Well I have something to ask you anyways," I said grabbing my mums attention. She balanced her weight on one leg and crossed her arms.

"What is it?" Mum asked aggrivated. I sighed.

"Do I have like a brother or sister, maybe even a twin, since you know you and dad split?" I asked nervously. Mum grunted.

"We are not going to disgust this again," Mum said walking into the kitchen.

"Why not?" I asked following her. She sighed.

"Cause I don't want to," Mum said grabbing a water. "Now I'm going to the gym, so be back soon," Mum said kissing my forehead. My phone then buzzed and I pulled it out to see it was from Steph.

From Steph~ Hey want to come for a walk with me and my dog, Im alone and need a person to talk to

"Mum can I go walk with Steph and her dog?" I asked before she left.

"Sure," Mum said before she left.

To Steph~ Yeah meet me at my house

I then grabbed the house keys and ran outside. I then saw Steph waiting for me.

"Coming slow poke?" Steph asked laughing. I smiled and ran up to her.


London's POV

"So wait your dad won't help you?" David asked putting his foot on top of the ball. I nodded.

"Yeah, it's either I ask, or I have to go to college THEN ask," I said as David kicked the ball to me. "Want to get a drink?" I asked. David nodded jogging up to me.

"Where to?" David asked. I looked around.

"How about that hotdog stand," I said pointing a bit away. David nodded and walked with me.

"So has your dad found out about your job yet?" David asked. I shrugged.

"Told him today, he isn't very happy, but I'm not worried," I said paying for two waters. I handed one to David.

"Well at least he knows now," David said leading me towards the lake. I nodded.

"Yeah, then I asked him if I had a brother, sister, twin maybe," I said sitting down. David looked at me confused.

"I want to know, I have this feeling, you know," I said watching David skip rocks.

"Well, how long have you had this 'feeling' cause I have known you since pre-K and I haven't heard anything about it?" David asked.

"No this mum walked in with her twins and it made me think since my parents are divorced and all," I said shrugging. David nodded and sat down next to me.

"You may have a sibling you know, but maybe they just split you so each could have one," David suggested. I sighed.

"If only, but wouldn't they have told us by now?" I asked. David just stood up.

"I wouldn't know," He said reaching out for my hand. I put my hand in his and he pulled me up. "I need to get going, Mum is a bit worried," David said laughing. I nodded and hugged him.

"Text me?" I asked. David nodded.

"See ya London," David said waving goodbye. I waved to him and jogged to my jeep. I hopped in and made my way back home.


Paris' POV

"So you have to go to college?" Steph asked. I just laughed.

"Most likely, and I don't want to go, well not yet at least," I said putting my hands in my pockets. Steph nodded.

"Did you tell her that?" Steph asked. I shook my head.

"I could never tell her that, she is just so..."

"Controlling?" Steph finished. I nodded sadly.

"But I'm only doing it to make her happy," I said looking at my hands.

"Have you ever done anything to make you happy?" Steph asked. I just shrugged.

"Though I have a job I like," I said smiling. Steph just rolled her eyes. "Oh and I asked my mum about the sibling thing again."

"How many years is that now?" Steph asked laughing. I just shrugged.

"Not sure but she keeps wanting to drop the subject like it was nothing," I said as we walked up to my house. "Well see you later Steph."

"See ya Paris, text me girl," Steph said waving goodbye.

"Will do," I said opening my door.

NOTE~ OMG super long chapter, and I think I broke my toe. Well peace! ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl <3

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