Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


34. Need Someone

London's POV

 "Alright alright see you later Soph," I said before leaving work. It was now snowing here in, well, London. I put my stuff in the jeep and grabbed my brush so I could brush off my windows.

"Do you need help?" I heard a familiar voice. I turned to see Harry smiling. "You know since you short."

"Sure, but what are you doing out here?" I asked as Harry brushed off my windows. "Its freezing outside."

"I know, but doesn't mean I can't go for a jog," Harry chuckled.

"Uh, ya it does, now get in my jeep we are going home," I said walking to the drivers seat. I got in and started up the jeep waiting for it to warm up. "So what made you want to take a jog in the cold?"

"Well I need to go to the store, plus I didn't have gas, so ya," Harry said as I pulled out of my parking spot. Which is weird cause he is famous and rich, how on Earth did he run out of gas?

"Well then to the store it is," I said getting on the road. When we got there I grabbed a basket so I could get a few things to, since its, well mine to, my sister birthday. "So what are we shopping for?" I asked.

"Its my sisters birthday, and I need to get her a present and some cake mix to make her a cake," Harry said walking over to the clothes section. "You look the same size as my sis, try this on," Harry said handing me a Ombre Lace Dress.

"Okay be right back, you can keep looking," I said walking into the dressing room. I changed and saw how perfect it fitted. Maybe I can look for a dress for the Mascaraed Ball. I walked out to see Harry with a few other dresses.

"Wow, that looks amazing," Harry said hanging up the other dresses for me. "Do you think I should get this one for Gemma?" Harry asked.

"Never choose the first one until you looked at the ones you have picked, then make your finally decision," I said walking back into the changing room.  I put on a Gold Glitter Mesh Dress and instantly fell in love. "This is the one," I whispered. I walked out to show Harry.

"Okay that is gorgeous, but I don't think that is my sister's style," Harry chuckled. I nodded. "Maybe you should get it for the Mascaraed Ball." I smiled at the thought.

"Okay, I think I will," I said walking back into the changing room. I tried on a few more dresses before Harry made his decision.

"I like the White Lace Inset Dress," Harry said reading off the tag. I nodded and grabbed the dress Harry picked for me. "So you going to show Niall?" Harry asked as we payed for the clothes and groceries.I shook my head. 

"Im going to surprise him, plus my dad is making me go with some guy cause Niall is a bad influence on me," I said as we walked to my car. I got waiting for Harry.

"Well then, I guess a surprise it is," Harry said as I got onto the road. "So what are your plans for the rest of the evening?"

"Nothing but Netflix movies," I said looking at the snowy road. "You can join if you would like."

"Sure, we could even make the cake together!" Harry said smiling. I smiled at how sweet he was being. We pulled up to my house and brought in everything. I brought my dress upstairs and hung it up.

"Wow, there are so many pictures," Harry whispered. I nodded turning around.

"Yeah, I like to decorate," I said making my bed. I grabbed a few pillows from my closet and set up a nice area for watching movies. I even grabbed boxes of candy from my candy stash.

"So what  movie should we watch?" I asked Harry as I plopped down. Harry sat next to me.

"Let me see," Harry said taking the remote from me. He finally decided on Beauty and a Briefcase (btw if you haven't seen it you should watch it!) "I have heard from a someone that you love this movie."

"I do I do," I said chuckling.


Paris' POV

 I stood there waiting for Liam's response. "Well, look at the time, Paris I must go, I will see you tomorrow," Liam said kissing my cheek then leaving me... Standing alone. I sighed walking back to my room. I sat down laying my head on my desk.


London~ Hey sorry I couldn't come over, but tomorrow is the Mascaraed Ball so see you then.

I layed my head down... What to do what to do. I grabbed my phone and texted Zayn.

To Zayn: Hey Im bored can you come over

From Zayn: Sure, be over soon, text me your address.

I texted Zayn back, thank god I have someone I can talk to.


NOTE: Sorry if its bad... maybe I can type a better one later since I have a 5 DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! Booyaa! ~Mystery_Horan_Girl


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