Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


4. Meeting Them

London's POV

Once I got up the next morning I saw that I got up before my alarm went off. I sighed and turned on my radio. I took a quick shower and went to my closet to find something to wear. I pulled out my cupcake crochet tank with my Skylar high rise sherbert colored shorts. I pulled then on and put on my Valentina sandals and grabbed my pink tribal backpack and trotted down the stairs.

"Ready for your second to last day of school?" Dad asked. I walked into the kitchen setting down my bag.

"Yeah, its sad, your ONLY daughter graduating from highschool," I said hinting to dad. He sighed.

"Look I told you to drop it," Dad said drinking his morning coffee. I sighed and pulled a bowl out pouring me some cookie crisps.

"I know, Dad but I just want to know," I said putting a spoonful in my mouth.

"Well if you keep asking that jeep is going bye bye," Dad said rinsing out his cup. I sighed.

"Well Im off Dad," I said rinsing my bowl out. I grabbed my keys and backpack, I kissed his cheek. "Love you," I said opening the door.

"Love you to sweet pea," Dad said grabbing his keys. I climbed into my jeep and set my bag in the passenger seat. I drove to school and parked in my normal spot. I climbed out of my jeep and saw David with Michael laughing. I trotted over with my backpack hanging on one of my shoulders.

"Morning," David said hugging me.

"Morning, whats up Michael?" I asked him. He shrugged.

"Nuthin, I broke up with Michelle this morning," Michael said chuckling. "You should have seen her over react," Michael laughed.

"Omg you have to be kidding me, but I love you!" David squealed making fun of Michelle. I laughed along with them.

"Well that takes care of one problem," I said placing my hand on Michael's shoulder. We then saw Caitlyn trotting over.

"Hey everybody," Cait said smiling. I smiled back.

"You missed David's impression of Michelle," I said chuckling.

"Why?" Caitlyn asked. I looked at Michael.

"We broke up and she freaked out," Michael said as we walked up to the school.

"Wow, FINALLY, I mean Im tierd of her acting like everything was contaminated," Caitlyn said laughing. I nodded.

"Why did you even ask her out?" I asked Michael. He shrugged.

"I was probably drunk," He said making us all laugh.


Paris' POV

 I got up to the sound of my Mum calling my name. I sat up rubbing my eyes. "IM UP!" I yelled down to her. I got up and turned my music on. I took a quick shower and went to my dresser drawers.   I pulled out my Lea Dot Bow Back short sleeve shirt and my taylor blue vintage crop jeans. I slipped on my floral sperry's and snatched my british flag heart messenger bag. I trotted downstairs to see my mum had made pancakes.

"Morning sweety," Mum said walking in from the porch. "The weather is lovely today," Mum said walking into the kitchen. I nodded sitting down.

"Well I hope so, I have to walk the dogs today at work," I said biting into my pancakes. Mum nodded.

"And did you need a ride to SYCO later or..."

"Mum Im not going to go and talk to them," I said standing up. I took a quick drink of my milk and washing out my cup. I snatched my bag and ran to Mum. "Love you Mum," I said hugging her before running out the door. I met up with Steph at our usual spot.

"Hey girl," Steph said as we walked to school. I shrugged.

"Just another morning of Mum pushing me to go to SYCO," I said laughing.

"second to last day of our highschool lifes," Steph said holding onto the straps of her backpack. I then noticed she was wearing her tank crochet twofer dress with her cut off jean jacket.

"So why the dress?" I asked as we approached the school. She shrugged. "Trying to impress Johnathen?" I asked laughing. She looked down.

"He won't ever ask me out," She said sighing. I just patted her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it," I said as we walked through the parking lot. I then saw Chloe and Tim sitting int the back of Tim's truck.

"Hey girl.. and guy," Steph said hopping into Tim's truck. Tim always picks up Chloe cause she complains about the boring bus ride.

"Oh very funny," Tim said helping me climb into the trucks back. "So why all dolled up Steph?"

"Look I can dress up when ever I want to," Steph sighed. I just laughed.

"So any other exciting news?" I asked leaning forward.

"Well Zack broke up with taylor and she came running back to me," Tim chuckled.

"And?" I asked.

"Totally regected!" Chloe cheered laughing. I just laughed along.

"Why is it that your ex's come back to you after a break up?" I asked Tim. He shrugged.

"My charm," Tim winked. I laughed hopping down from the truck.

"Sure, now come on we are going to be late," I said grabbing my bag.

"Oh calm down Paris," Chloe said hopping down from the truck. I just rolled my eyes walking inside the school doors.


London's POV

 After school David came to work with me cause its like two blocks from his house. "So whats your plans after work?" David asked walking in with me. I shrugged.

"Hold on," I said walking into the bathroom to change. I came out and David was looking at drum sticks. "Distracted already?" I asked laughing. Then someone walked in.

"Nah, looking for an early birthday present for you," David said smiling. I just laughed.

"Then buy me a new guitar," I said walking behind the counter. I saw two men walk in, one with blonde hair and another with brown. I sighed and pulled the container of guitar picks closer to me. I began sorting them into colors.

"You know London, I could," David smirked leaning on the counter. I just snorted.

"Yeah but the one I want is was to much," I said putting the guitar picks back in the container.

"So," David said watching me walk around the counter.

"No David," I said again patting his back. He sighed and walked to the door.

"Well see yeah later London," David said waving.

"bye David," I said. I then walked over to the men. "How can I help you?" I asked smiling.

"Oh well Im just looking," he said. I recognized him though.

"Are you from One Direction?" I asked. He nodded smiling.

"Im Niall and this is our drummer Josh," Niall said smiling. I nodded.

"Can you show me where the drum sticks are?" Josh asked with a smirk. I nodded and lead him over to the drum sticks.

"Im London, so if you need any help just hollar," I said walking back over to Niall. "Like I said Im London, and do you need help at all?" I asked watching Niall look at different guitars. He just shook his head.

"Nah just looking, but I do see one thing I like," Niall began. He turned to me but Josh came bounding over.

"Niall mate Louis texted, they need our help with dinner," Josh said. Niall nodded and turned to me.

"Well thank you for help London," Niall said hugging me. Josh then hugged me and they both left. I sighed and walked back to the counter.


Paris' POV

After school Tim offered me a ride to work. "Please, Im a bit tierd and I have alot of walking to do later," I said laughing. Tim smiled and me, Chloe and Tim walked to his truck.

"So hows the job," Chloe asked as we began to drive to my work. I shrugged.

"Well I like it, but when its over Im going to be sad," I said as we pulled up to the pet store. "Well thanks for the ride Timmy, See you guys later," I said slinging my bag on my shouder and shutting the door. I walked in and quickly got changed. I walked to see Isabelle.

"Your early?" Izzy said surprised. I nodded going over to the dog pens.

"I got a lift," I said chuckling. I took out the two dashounds and put them on the leashes. "Send out Jordan to clean up the dog crap," I said walking out. When I came back in I noticed theat Izzy nor Jordan were around. I then saw two guys looking at dog chow. I grunted and tried to put the pups back in their pen but the brown haired one ran off. I grunted.

"Woah there," one of them said laughing. He picked up Trixy (Dogs name) and smiled at her.

"Sorry about that," I said trotting over.

"Its fine love," he said handing Trixy over.

"You look familiar," I said holding on to Trixy.

"Well Im Liam and this is Zayn," Liam said smiling.

"Oh from One Direction," I said smiling.

"Exactly," Zayn said smiling. I nodded and put Trixy back in her pen.

"Well how may I help you since my co-workers are like no where to be found," I said chuckling. Liam smiled at me.

"Thats fine, I was just picking up puppy chow for my puppy," Liam smiled. I nodded and reached for a bag.

"This would be perfect, the puppies here love it," I said smiling. Liam nodded and I brought him over to the cash register.

"Well thank you for your help..."

"Paris," I said ringing up the puppy chow.

"What a unique name," Liam said picking up the dog chow.

"Well see you alter Paris," Zayn said smiling. I waved goodbye to both of them. I then leaned on the counter. Wow not that often you get famous people in here!


NOTE~ Oh yeah another amazingly long chapter!! ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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