Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


3. Meet the Parents

Liam's POV

Today, Simon is sending us to SYCO today to meet with some people to talk about our movie. Sure, we already know everything we want to do with it, but they wanted to do some more things with it. I'm not sure why... It's practically done.

"I don't get why Simon is making us have this meeting," Harry said a bit aggitated. I looked at him and he just shrugged. I looked around the car and the rest of the lads nodded.

"Yeah... Trailor is out and we even have some previews of it in the Best Song Ever music video," Zayn continued. We all nodded at his comment.

"Who knows what they want to do. Maybe they don't even want to talk about the movie" I told them. The lads all nodded.

"Well, the movie is done. I mean they can't fix it... Can they?" Niall questioned us. We all shrugged our shoulders at him. He sighed and leaned back in his seat.

"Who knows, Nialler. Let's just hope they tell us we get a break," Louis sighed. We all nodded. That's what we need, a nice vacation...

"We're here boys," the driver told us. We all thanked him and hoped out the car. We all walked into SYCO together and walked up to the desk. There was a little bell and Louis decided to ring it. The lady looked annoyed as he kept ringing it. Finally, when she looked like she was about to break, she turned towards us and her eyes widened.

"Oh... Hello boys," she smiled. I glanced back at Louis and he was high-fiving Harry. "You know where to go," she smiled while typing a few things into her computer. I waved the boys to the lift and we went to the top floor. The ride to the top was silent. Once the lift dinged, telling us we were at the top floor, the doors opened and we exited the lift. The floor wasn't busy or full of life. A lady walked up to us.

"Ah. One Direction?" she questioned. We all looked at each other then nodded. "I thought so... My name is Veronica. I am the assistant here," she smiled. I held in a laugh. I noticed everyone else was too. "Follow me and I will let the studio executive know you are here," she said while walking away. Once a good distance, we all started to laugh.

"Hey... She didn't look like you Zayn," Harry poted. Zayn just looked at him and we all laughed harder.

"That was such a coincidence," Louis laughed. "What's next? The studio executive's name is Harvey? Or Jonny? Do they have a marketing guy named Marcel? Or a choreographer named Leeroy?" Louis laughed even more. We all laughed harder that time. Niall was laughing so hard that he fell to his knees, clutching his side... He eventually was lying on the ground laughing. I noticed we were getting some stares.

"Lads... Lads. Come on," I said. The laughing was dying down now. Niall got up off the ground and brushed himself off and was still laughing a bit. We started walking in the direction Veronica walked in. We saw her standing outside a door.

"There you are!" she exclaimed. We all just stood there trying to hide out smiles. She opened the door a peeked in. "One Direction are here to see you," she told someone in the room. I heard some giggles behind me. I couldn't help but laugh a bit too. She then opened the door for us to enter. A man behind a desk stood up and smiled as we entered.

"They're here! The real movie stars!" he exclaimed. We all laughed a bit more. "Come on in guys. Take a seat," he told us. We all laughed to ourselves as we sat down. "My name's Harvey," he paused. We all laughed some more. A little louder this time. He looked at us confused. "Harvey Starr," he said more questionable this time. "And this is Veronica Starr, my assistant," he smiled at her, sort of in an evil way. She just smiled at us then glared at him.

"I sense some tension here," Harry mumbled. But they heard and looked at him. Harvey fixed is jacket and Veronica fixed her necklace, both awkwardly.

"Are you two married?" Louis blurted out. We all looked at him but he kept his eyes on Harvey and Veronica.

"We use to be... We got divorced 19 years ago," Veronica fake smiled at Harvey. He returned a fake smile back. This is going to be an awkward meeting.

"So boys..." Harvey said getting our attention. Harvey was now sitting in his chair at his desk. "First off, where are my maners, you boys thirsty? Or hungry?" he asked us giving Veronica an evil smile. She just glared at him.

"Niall here is always hungry," Louis laughed. Niall just looked at him hurt but then smiled and nodded.

"No Mr. Starr. We are fine. Thank you though," I said to him.

"Veronica, get me a coffee please and get some water for these boys," Harvey asked with a smirk at the end to his assistant.

"Of course Mr. Starr... What ever you say," she growled with a smile then walked out. He laughed to himself. He then turned back to us.

"So... Simon set up this meeting to talk to you about your upcoming movie," Harvey informed us. We all nodded.

"Yes sir. But he didn't tell us what exactly this meeting is about," Zayn told him. Harvey nodded.

"Well, this meeting isn't about adding or taking out any scenes in the already finished movie," Harvey told us. We all sighed in relief. "Simon and I discussed this and were wondering, if you boys are ok with it, have a premiere party for some random fans." he continued. I glanced around at the lads and they all nodded at that.

"We think that's a great idea," I said speaking for us all. Harvey smiled.

"Great! Now it will have to be soon. No one shall know about this. The fans will think they are going to a signing to get the surprise that they are seeing the premiere of your movie," Harvey finished. The door opened and Veronica stepped in with waters for all of us and a coffee for Harvey.

"Here you boys go," she smiled at us. She walked over to Harvey and handed him his coffee with a fake smile.

"She looks like she wants throw that coffee on him," Louis laughed in my ear. I looked at Veronica and she did look like she wants to throw it on him. But instead, walks away from him with a smile.

"Thanks doll," Harvey smiled pinching her bum. She jumped a bit and glared at him. He just gave her a look and she sighed and threw a smile back on. She walked out without another word. "So... Anything else we need to talk about while you are here?"

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