Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


13. Lance

Paris's POV

Yesterday was so much fun! Even though we hung out for like 2 hours, it was still fun. I got to meet Louis and Harry. They said Niall was out with someone, I think a girl... Anyways, the boys told me a bit about the concert life and how they are having a bit of a break at the moment. Yes, I am the girl who doesn't know who One Direction is. But they didn't really mind. After a little while though, I had to head back to the shop and wait for m mum to pick me up. She was a bit late as usual. But once we got home she had to go to SYCO and I was home alone the rest of the night. It's a normal thing though.




"Wake up sweetie!" I heard my mum tell me. I slowly opened my eyes to see my mum sitting on the end of bed. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I stretched and looked at her. She wasn't saying anything else so I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my glasses. I noticed my mum shake her head. She doesn't approve of my glasses really.

"Liam keeps texting you," she said handing me my phone. I pushed my glasses up and looked at my mum.

"How do you know-" I stopped mid-sentence and remembered that he and the others know her from SYCO. I looked down at my phone and scrolled through the texts. Most were saying we should hang out again.

"You hung out with him?" my mum asked me. I snapped my head up at her. I gave her a sly smile. She shook her head at me. "You can't date him," she said shaking her finger at me. I just looked at her. "He is a client."

"A client? Really mum?!" I yelled while throwing my hands up in the air. She nodded. "You're an assistant their!" I yelled at her. "On what earth are they your clients? You are an assistant. So until you become a studio exec or something else, don't tell me they are your clients," I told her. She only shook her head.

"And you are dating Lance," she said while standing up and walked over to the door.

"Lance?" I laughed. "You mean the guy I had one date with? Oh and was forced to go on a blind date?" I laughed again. My mum sighed.

"Start getting ready. Lance is taking you out soon," she said and walked out. I looked down at my phone and noticed that it was 14:06. I groaned to myself and got out of bed. I slumped downstairs and into the kitchen. I got out a bowl and some cereal. I poured some cereal into the bowl and got the milk. I put the milk back and ate my cereal. I decided to reply back to Liam.


To Paris: Hey! You want to hang out later?
Sent at 10:27


From Paris: Hey... Sorry for not responding. I just woke up not long ago. And I can't hang out. My mum is making me go on another date with Lance... -_-

Sent at 14:12


I sent it then continued to eat my cereal. I just noticed that I was eating with a fork... I sighed and continued to eat. I heard my phone vibrate against the counter. I looked at the caller ID and it read Liam.


To Paris: Lol. Someone was tired... And that's ok. We were going to head out to Nando's soon anyways, as soon as Niall gets back from visiting this girl... And have fun?

Sent at 14:17


I laughed at his message and sat my phone down. I finished up my lunch(?) and rinsed out my bowl and put it in the dishwasher. I went upstairs to my room and noticed a fancy dress lying on my bed with some matching shoes. I sighed and felt my phone vibrate.


To Paris: Hey Paris. It's Lance. I was wondering if I could push our date back an hour? I need to run a few errands. Is that ok?

Sent at 14:34


From Paris: That's totally fine. I woke up not long ago anyways...

Sent at 14:34


At least I have some time. I mean the date, before he asked for the extra hour, wasn't for a little over two hours. I had plenty of time...




I was walking down the stairs as I heard my mother greeting Lance at the door. I looked down at my dress, a gold sequin high low dress with Hailey glitter heels. I took a deep breath and continued down the stairs. Mum and Lance stopped talking and both looked at me. My mum smiled and Lance put out his arm. I linked my arm in his and we walked out to his car.

The car ride was silent with the occasional questions and comments Lance told me. We arrived at the restaurant. It was a really fancy restaurant too. They had people park your cars and only let you in if you had a reservation. Lance came prepared though.

"Hi. How may I help you?" the hostess asked us. She looked between Lance and I.

"Reservation for Bishop at 7," he told the lady. She looked through the book and nodded. She grabbed two menus and led us through the restaurant. There was an open table for the two of us.

"Here you go. And can I start you off with something to drink?" she asked us. I glanced at the menu to find where the drinks are but didn't find any.

"I'll have a water," I smiled. She nodded then looked at Lance. He looked at the menu.

"I would like a glass of your finest champagne," he smiled at the lady. She nodded then walked off. Tonight seems like it will be a fun night... Not...




"Tonight was actually fun," I smiled at Lance. We just finished our dinner. We just got to know each other a bit more and he is a nice guy.

"I agree! We should do this again sometime. But without your mum planning it all," he laughed. I gave him a fake smile. Of course! I should have known that he didn't plan this... "Hang out I mean," Lance blushed.

"Yeah... We should get going soon. Unless there is dessert," I smiled. Lance smiled back. Our waitress came and cleared our dishes. She then came back with a little dish of ice cream. I looked at Lance.

"Something simple," he shrugged. I laughed and took a small bite of vanilla ice cream. I noticed Lance fidget a bit. I looked at him concerned. "I-I got something for you," he stumbled. I looked at him as he got up and made his way to the other side of the table, to me. He pulled something out of his pocket and then walked behind me. I felt him move my hair to the side. I had no idea what he was doing. "I got this for you," he said. I felt something cold come in contact with my skin. Lance pushed my hair back and I felt my neck to feel a necklace. I looked down and saw a silver chain and a beautiful pendant. I felt him bend down and kiss my cheek. I had no words...


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