Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


19. I Love It!

Author's Note: Sorry if there was any confusion with the last few chapters. That was entirely my fault. Here Mystery_Horan_Girl ended her chapter (What Are You Doing Here) with London and Niall at her house and the lads at/done with the SYCO meeting, then I go and make it where they were at the meeting and Liam was late to the meeting (I'm Free), then Mystery_Horan_Girl continues from the previous chapter she wrote (What Are You Doing Here) with "It's Me". So I would like to apologize if there was any confusion.




Paris's POV

This morning I woke up to a note on my nightstand. It was from my mum and it said she had to go into work early today. She also said that she left me some money if I wanted to get some breakfast. She left out my keys for me and I decided get breakfast. Only some fast food though. I decided to call up Steph and Chloe. I would've called Tim up but I knew he would be busy today doing something. He never told us what he was doing, only told us he would be busy. Anyways, I saw Steph's car and saw her and Chloe chilling. I pulled up next to them and turned off the car. I took the car out of the ignition and hopped out. Steph and Chloe did the same.

"So... You finally took up my offer?" Steph laughed. I couldn't help but laugh as well. Chloe was, literally, jumping up and down in excitement.

"You are going to look so pretty!" Chloe exclaimed. I just looked at her with shock. "I'm mean... Prettier," she said looking away. I just laughed.

"I'm kidding!" I told her. She just gave an embarrassed smile. "I think it will be a good look for me," I smiled. Chloe simply nodded and Steph was nodded her head wildly.

"Of course!" Steph exclaimed. I laughed and started walking towards the building. I walked through the doors and walked up to the receptionist.

"How may I help you?" she asked. I looked at the sign and then back at her.

"I would like a dye and cut," I told her. I glanced back at my friends and they were smiling. I turned back to the lady.

"Alright then. Follow me," she said then lead me to a salon chair.




"Alright! What do you think?" the lady who was styling my hair asked me. She spun me around so I was facing the mirror. I looked at it shocked. My jaw dropped. I put my hand over my mouth.

"Don't like it?" I saw Steph walked up behind me. I turned to her and smiled.

"Of course she loves it!" Chloe squealed. "Do you not see this smile?!" she said while using her fingers to push my lips up into a smile. I smacked her hands away and looked in the mirror.

I absolutely loved it. I should have listened to them before about this. I just gave them a big smile and walked up to the lady who did my hair.

"I love it! Thank you," I told her and gave her a tip. She thanked me and I went to the desk to pay. Steph, Chloe, and I walked out to our cars.

"So what to do now?" Chloe asked. Today was my day off so I wanted to hang out with my friends. I stopped at my car and thought.

"How about the park?" I asked. Steph and Chloe both nodded.

"Perfect!" Chloe exclaimed. Steph and I laughed at her excitement.

"Yeah. I haven't played my sport in forever!" I laughed. They laughed too. I unlocked my car and opened the door. Chloe and Steph hopped into their car as well. "I'll meet you guys there. I need to change," I told them. They nodded and pulled out of the parking lot. I followed them out of the lot and headed home.

It wasn't that long of a ride home. But while I was driving, "I Love It" by Icona Pop came on. I couldn't help but sing along. Once I pulled into the driveway, I turned off the car and ran into the house, unlocking the door first. I ran up to my room and hurried to find a outfit. I finally found one and ran into the loo to change. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and ran out of the loo. I threw my clothes in the hamper and grabbed my tennis shoes. I ran back downstairs and grabbed a water. I then ran to the garage and grabbed my racket and a new pack of tennis balls. I ran outside, locked the front door, then ran to my car. So much running... I soon arrived at the park. I found a parking spot near the courts. I turned off the car and grabbed my stuff. I locked the car.

"PARIS!" I heard someone yell. I looked over where it came from and saw Chloe and Steph waving. I laughed and started walking over to them. I wasn't paying attention and I ran into someone.

"I'm sorry," I told the person. I looked up and recognized the familiar brown eyes.

"Hey Paris," Liam smiled.



Another Author's Note: So... Another chapter! Tell us what you think of the story. And Paris is the girl on the left in the cover (if you guys didn't know). So like, comment, and favorite please

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