Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


42. I don't have a good title

London's POV

 I watched as Harry stirred sugar into my tea. "You guys can come, its not a big deal," I said silently thanking Harry as he handed me my tea.

"Okay see you," Paris said before hanging up. I set my phone down drinking the warm tea.

"So are they coming," Harry asked. I nodded. He seemed a little upset. "But don't worry we can go on plenty of dates," I said making him smile.

"Well I hope, I love being around you," Harry said sitting next to me. I just blushed a bit. My phone then began to go off. My dad.

"Hello?" I said looking at Harry as I listened to my dad.

"Hey hunny can you do me a huge favor?" My dad asked. I sighed.

"Sure what do you need done?" I asked.

"Could you clean the house, Im having Jonny over so it would be nice to have a clean house," my dad spoke quickly. I grunted in frustration.

"Sure, I will get it done, love you dad," I said hanging up. "Hey Harold, do you want to help me clean the house?" I asked smiling. He sighed but kept a smile on his face.

"Sure, I will clean the kitchen, you go do what you do best," Harry said as I finished my tea. I handed him my mug before jogging off.

"Cause words aint good enough, I can't explain your love, no, its better then words." Harry and I sang together. Harry finished the dinner for my dad as I finished cleaning the bathroom. I walked into find Harry rinsing the noodles. I grabbed a few containers and we packaged all the food.

"Alright, I think Im going to go upstairs and get ready," I said smiling.

"Im going to go into my jeep and grab my duffle bag, I was hoping you would say yes to my date plans so I brought clothes just in case." Harry said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes jogging up the stairs. I decided nice ripped skinny jeans and my nice floral top that was new.

"Ugh," I said looking at the mess called my hair. I French braided my hair and quickly did my make up. I walked out to find Harry buttoning up his blazer.

"Good?" Harry asked opening his arms. I put my hand to my chin pretending to think.

"I think so," I said laughing. I walked over to my closet pulling out my sparkly gold flats. "And I think Im ready to go," I said grabbing a jacket from my coat rack.

"Lets get this show on the road.


When we got to my dads work Harry helped my bring in the food, but I think it was an excuse to just come with me. We walked into my dads office. "Hey hunny," Dad said as I walked in. Harry walked in shortly behind me. "Afternoon Harry."

"Afernoon sir," Harry said placing the food on his desk.

"Do you two have plans?" My dad asked as looking between both of us. I just smiled at Harry.

"Yes sir, Im bring your daughter out on a date tonight," Harry said placing his hand on my hip. "If that's okay."

"Well of course, you have my permission to even ask her out!" My dad said laughing. Harry chuckled along. "Now you two don't have to much fun," My dad said winking. I rolled my eyes.

"Dad," I groaned dragging Harry towards the door. "I will see you later," I said before leaving. I walked past my dads assistant and straight out to Harry's jeep.

"I like how your dad approved of me but not Niall," Harry began but shut up as soon as he saw how upset I got when he mentioned 'his' name. "Uh, but anyways, I don't think the drive is long so we can jam out," Harry said trying to lighten the mood.

"Its okay Harry," I said getting into the jeep. "Im moving on, but I will always be a bit sad not having him. Harry nodded.

"I would say the same, but my ex's are bitches so," Harry said making me laugh. "Now lets go have fun."


And fun was exactly the word to use. After dinner we went mini golfing and decided to walk around the park. "Im walking around with just one shoe, Im half a heart with out you," Harry sang. I just laughed.

"Why would you be walking with just one shoe?" I asked messing around.

"Cause I lost the other," Harry said squeezing my hand that was intertwined with his.

"Then chose a different pair, duh," I said laughing. Harry just smiled at my weirdness. "Im probably really awkward," I said laughing again.

"No your being yourself, which is adorable," Harry said. I look straight ahead to see Paris and Liam walking not to far ahead of us. "I wonder what they are talking about?" Harry asked. I shrugged.

"PARIS!" I yelled. Paris stopped and turned around. "What are you guys talk about?" Paris rolled her eyes turning back around. I shrugged.

"The world may never know," Harry said nudging me. I just nudged him back. "So how much longer are we walking?" I sighed.

"Should we just go back to my place?" I asked. Harry nodded. "WE ARE GOING," I yelled to Liam and Paris. Me and Harry then walked to his jeep and I noticed I had one missed call. I then dialed the number back.

"London?" I heard Niall ask. I sighed. "I called, I wanted to talk."

"About what?" I asked as Harry began to drive. "If its about the thing called us then it does't exist okay," I said annoyed.

"Please London can we just talk this through?" Niall asked. I hung up, not wanting to listen to his babble.

"Who was it, well Im guessing Niall?" Harry asked. I nodded. "Do I need to talk to him?"

"No no, I don't want you getting into a fight with Niall because of me, wouldn't want that," I said leaning my head on the window. " He should just take a hint." Harry just laughed.

"Your so cute when your angry," Harry said pulling into my drive way. "But don't worry, if you need me to, I will talk to him."

"Thanks Harry," I said hugging Harry in front of his jeep. I then felt water hitting us. "Better get inside," I said as it got heavier, but Harry pulled me back into his arms.

"Hold on," Harry said as it began to down poor. "London, will you be my girlfriend, I know its really sudden but I feel its the perfect time to ask you," Harry said the he  kissed me passionately as the rain felt as if it slowed down around us. He pulled away slowly.

"Harry..." I whispered.




NOTE: What will she ever say? ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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