One Direction One Shots

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4. Louis Tomlinson 1#

New Feelings


To:Ashley E.

Y/N= Your Name

"Seriously! How Long does it take you to get ready?" Greg Yelled as I ran downstairs. "It took you that long to finish doing that?" He huffed and trailed me out to the car. He was my boyfriend...and as much as I would like to leave him, I can't because I'm In Love with him...Every part including this one...I call this part of Greg 'Douche Bag of The Year.' We drove until we finally ended up at the Park.

"Hey Greg!" I said with a smile. "Wanna go Swing with me!" It was a thing Greg and I used to do as kids...see we have known each other for about 10 Years and When we were kids we used to come to this park and swing together.

"Your so Childish." He said grabbing my hand. "Can you just be mature and walk with me for a little?" I nodded and we started to walk. I watched my feet as we walked along the little Path that was around the little park.

"Sit." He said stopping. I looked up and saw him pointing at the bench. I sat down and watched as he sat down next to me. "Listen we need to talk about our relationship." He said making me nod. "WE aren't going to work out." I looked up at him and frowned.

"What do you mean?" I said feeling Tears come to my eyes. "Your to Childish!" He said "We can get back together when you grow up..." and with that he stood up and started to walk to his car. I followed him, When we made it back to the car he got in...I tried to but the door was locked. The window rolled down and he stuck his head near it.

"Find a new ride Y/N" and with that he drove off leaving me behind in an old park that had nobody in it. I huffed and turned to go to the swings so I could think. I sat down and started to slowly go back and forth thinking about everything that had just happened.

"Hello?" Someone said scaring me. I turned to see a boy with Ocean Blue Eyes and Brown Swoopy Hair.

"Hi." I said giving him a fake smile. 

"Is this swing taken?" He asked pointing to the swing next to me.

"Nope, its all yours." I said watching him sit down.

"So what's a pretty girl like you doing alone in this park?" He asked giving me a warm smile.

"Boyfriend brought me here, Said I was childish, and Left me here."

"Well he sounds like a class A dick." He said making me laugh, I nodded.

"He is..."

"So do you have a ride home?" 

"Nope." I said in a plain voice. Swinging faster.

"I can take you home." He said making me smile for real this time.

"That would be nice...But I'm not supposed to get in Strangers Cars." He laughed and started swinging as well.

"My appologies, My Name is Louis Tomlinson." he said making me smile...

"Hi Lou- Wait your who!" I yelled falling off of my swing. He rushed to my side and picked me up.

"I'm guessing you know me?" He said laughing. I laughed to and nodded.

"Who doesn't you are in a World Famous Boy Band!"

"Yup...So whats your name?" He asked as I stood to my feet.

"Its Y/N" I said smiling.

"You know Y/N, I should get you home."

"Why?" I said giggling.

"Because you look like you need to watch a movie." He said in a cocky voice.

"I guess I should call Greg than..." I said smiling at him.

"I meant with me." He said laughing.

"I actually can't...I live with my old boyfriend."

"No you don't." He said Grinning. "You live with me now.."

"Wow...Stranger Danger!" I said as he took my hand.


Hey Hope ya liked it! There might be a part 2 to this story...So keep an Eye out Remember to comment if you want your own story!!!


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