One Direction One Shots

These Stories will be whatever you guys want them to be Leave me that comment! Ill make your Wildest One Direction dreams come true through Stories...


1. Leave Me a Comment

Okay! Hey So I want to write you guys some awesome One Shots...But first you need to help me. I need you to leave me Comments about Which boy you want for a One Shot made Just for you! Wait...Back to The Comments thing. You need to tell me which boy you want and what the situation will be and Tell me your name or not I could make one for you if you want it to be a secret ;)

But Again Leave me a comment with all of that info and Ill Make the Best One Shot I can for you! Now everyone knows I can't do 20000 One Shots So Ill Be looking at all of the comments and choosing one! Good Luck and I can't wait to start writing for you!


P.s Make it as dirty as you want I have no problem writing that for you ;) But Keep in mind this is ONLY for One Direction Members Not anyone else! Just those 5 fabulous boys!

Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn!


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