One Direction One Shots

These Stories will be whatever you guys want them to be Leave me that comment! Ill make your Wildest One Direction dreams come true through Stories...


3. Harry Styles 1#

The Christmas Suprise


Y/F/N= Your Full Name

I sipped my hot Chocolate and starred at the tree, I knew he wouldn't be able to make it home in time for Christmas. He's been gone for Six Months, and I've missed him the entire time. I just wanted him back, Just so I could feel his soft kiss and see his sweet green eyes starring back at mine. The only thing I'm Scared of is him leaving me for another girl on tour...I've seen them, They all are so much more beautiful than me...and well they deserve him more than me...Before I new it the clock let out a loud ding signaling that it was midnight. I got up and put my Mug in the sink before slowly walking to our room. I grabbed one of his Ramones shirts and a pair of my pajama shorts and got into bed. Another cold night without him, I thought before feeling a tear slide down my cheek. I grabbed his pillow and Pulled it close so I could smell his sweet cologne, and slowly drifted to sleep. Before I new it, it was morning. I got out of bed and walked to the closet, If he was going to be here I wanted to look moderately good. I shifted through my closet and found a cute Jumper and a pair of skinny jeans. I let my curly blonde hair down and slipped on some socks before putting on the ring Harry gave me for Christmas last Year.

I smiled and admired the ring remembering what he said that day.


"Keep your Eyes Shut!" Harry Yelled making me giggle.

"Harry you know I like to peek!" I said before feeling something cold slide onto my finger.

"You can open them now." I quickly opened my eyes and smiled at the ring that was in my finger. I wrapped him in a hug before placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Do you know what that means?" He asked making me look at it again.

"Yeah." I said making him Laugh.

"Well I'm still going to explain it!" He said before grabbing my hand. "Well it normally means Infinity, but for us it means 'Forever and Always' as in I will love you Forever and Always." I smiled and put my arms around his neck before kissing him.

"I Love It."

*End of Flashback*

I felt a tear slide down my cheek before someone grabbed my waist .

"Don't cry over me." Harry's voice said. I turned and saw him smiling at me and I wrapped him in a hug feeling more and more tears sliding down my face. He pulled me off and frowned.

"Why are you crying?" He asked making me laugh.

"I missed you." I said before he hugged me.

"I missed you too." When he let go He furrowed his eye brows.

"What?" I asked whipping away my tears.

"Close your eyes, I have your Present." I laughed and shut them before feeling something slide onto my ring finger. "Open up." I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful Diamond ring on my finger shinning in the light. "Y/F/N, Will you do me the honor of being my wife?" I nodded my head quickly before placing a kiss on his lips.

"Yes! A million times yes!" I said before my smile faded.

'What's wrong?" He asked looking deep into my eyes.

"All I got you was a cat..." I said looking into the closet where I had a little baby kitten in a cage, snuggled up with a blanket. He smiled and raced over opening the cage and letting it stumble out to him.

"She's Adorable!" He said picking her up slowly and facing me. I smiled and softly petted the kitten on its little head.

"What do we name her?" He asked smiling at her.

"Unicorn." I said plainly.

"Unicorn?" He said laughing at me. 

"Yeah, its a cute name for a cute Kitty." I said as he continued to laugh at me.

"Okay, Unicorn it is." He said placing a kiss on my lips.



Hey that was my fist One Shot! That was just one that I made because I just wanted to! Remember if you want one leave me a comment saying your name, which boy you want, and what you want to happen, and yeah Ill write it for you! Tell me how I did? Thanks!


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