A Tea Filled Summer

Alexander Wills taught me a lot. He taught me about love, fitting in, having a social life. He also taught me about heartbreak and sensitivity. He never failed to amaze me with his patience, and his stunning features. He's someone you would swear could only exist in a movie. No one else can endlessly talk about serious debatable matters and have no one offended when he was done talking. No one else could ever love me as much, and I promise you, Alexander, they won't.

Cover credit to BoysInBooksAreBetter


1. Prologue

Fitting in.

It was something that I had never done well. I watched all the other kids laughing with their friends at lunch, gathering to play or watch the usual after school soccer game. It was simply something I couldn't do.

I was abnormal.


An introvert.

It wasn't that I had no friends. Lots of the girls from the- and I use this term loosely- popular crowd would ask me to sit with them at lunch. Guys would ask me on dates. I always declined. I simply preferred to sit at my house and read. I preferred to study for the math test that no one else thought was important.

I preferred being a nerd.

Sure, I was good looking. At least, that's what everyone said. But, still, I preferred staying to myself.


I preferred that all, that is, until the last day of school my sophomore year. The day I met Alexander Willis. And my point of view on other people, social gatherings, love, and fitting in changed.

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