A Tea Filled Summer

Alexander Wills taught me a lot. He taught me about love, fitting in, having a social life. He also taught me about heartbreak and sensitivity. He never failed to amaze me with his patience, and his stunning features. He's someone you would swear could only exist in a movie. No one else can endlessly talk about serious debatable matters and have no one offended when he was done talking. No one else could ever love me as much, and I promise you, Alexander, they won't.

Cover credit to BoysInBooksAreBetter


9. 8

I haven't missed a day of school since fourth grade, when I got sick with a flu that hospitalized me for a week. I've missed two days, now.

I haven't showered or brushed my teeth in three days, I have barely eaten anything, and I only really get up to go to the bathroom, but the little urine I pass is a dark color from dehydration. My hair is a disheveled, blonde mess and my make-up from the first day of school is stained on my cheeks, as a result of crying.

Mel and Max sit here with me. But Mel has to take Max to shower and to sleep at home, as it is hard for a change of scenery or to be out of routine for him. He blames me, and rightfully so. Alexander had apparently been trying to give me back my AP History book that I had left because I was in such a rush to leave. That damn book.

Mel continually tells him to be nice to me, and he refuses, just as he did three days ago with Alex. He continues to tell me that he hates me, and that it's my fault his brother is like this. And I suppose it is. And I suppose there are a lot of 'if this had happened..' and 'if I hadn't done this...' to the situation. And I suppose no matter how much I would wish to, I can't change anything that has happened.

The nurse, whose name I have surprisingly not caught yet, places a hand on my shoulder. "Sweetie, you should drink some water."

I take the glass that she holds out to me and drink. I drink it all and she goes to refill it. And I drink that glass. And I drink glass after glass until I feel well again. After all, making myself sick won't make Alexander feel any better and I would like to be as he remembered me when he wakes up.

As for him, he's breathing, but unstably. They have him hooked up to an oxygen machine that supplies oxygen to his lungs, and up to an I.V. that inserts pain medicine into his body. He has two fractured ribs and his leg was amputated, as the tire had cut nearly the entire thing off anyways.

"You really love him, don't you?" The nurse questions.

I shrug. Although I have never said it to him, and he's never said it to me, it's true. I love Alexander Mathew Willis with all of my heart. And I cannot bear to see him like this.

"The doctors don't know if he'll make it. The car was going very fast into him," she states.

I look at the lady, who has hair the same bright red as Max's, and I burst into tears. I cry like I have never cried before. I sob into the nurses shoulder while she lightly attempts to pat my hair, which is the equivalent of a birds nest right now. I continually apologize out loud to Alexander, as she shh's me and tells me that this wasn't my fault. That so many people are at fault for this that it can only be ruled as an accident.

I take a strong hold of Alexander's hand and beg for him to wake up, continually telling him how much I love him and how I can't stand to see him like this.

And I sob some more.

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