A Tea Filled Summer

Alexander Wills taught me a lot. He taught me about love, fitting in, having a social life. He also taught me about heartbreak and sensitivity. He never failed to amaze me with his patience, and his stunning features. He's someone you would swear could only exist in a movie. No one else can endlessly talk about serious debatable matters and have no one offended when he was done talking. No one else could ever love me as much, and I promise you, Alexander, they won't.

Cover credit to BoysInBooksAreBetter


4. 3

Soon enough, I find myself walking in my door, and I am immediately tackled into a hug. I scream, "Michael!" as he spins me around. "I missed you so much," I say as I tear up.

I step back to take a good look at his appearance. Nearly a year has passed since I had last seen him. His hair had turned darker over the past year, now a light brown instead of the dirty blonde I was used to. He's much taller, easily standing eight inches above my petite five foot three inch frame. I look at his eyes, and am instantly calmed. They are still the same bright green I've come to grow so used to over the years.

"You look wonderful," he says with a small smile.

I hold up my grocery bags and the box of teas. He smiles and runs up the stairs before I've even taken my shoes off. Our parents stand and watch, chattering about how we're so grown up and how they can't believe their babies are already driving. Michael runs down the stairs to assist me with grocery bags and boxes after I yelled numerous times for him to come get them. Quickly, we make our way up to my bedroom.

I follow in behind Michael, who throws himself on my bed. We start to talk about what was new throughout the year. "Oh," he says, "Do you remember Miranda?"

I nod, "Yeah, why?"

"She's my new girlfriend," he raises his eyebrows and winks.

"You have a new girlfriend every other week, Mike! There won't be enough girls in town for you to keep up like this until you graduate!" I laugh and so does he.

"This is different," he swears. "I've been trying so long and so hard for her. She's wonderful." I watch as he collapses onto his back, "I want this one to last."

I sit awkwardly on my floor and eat chips. I'm in the middle of a large drink when he suddenly sits up. "Do you have any love interests?"

I smile as my face warms up, and Alexander's beautiful face comes to mind. Michael jumps to sit right in front of me. "You like someone!" he shouts.

I tug at his arm, begging for him to quiet down, "I don't know yet, Michael. I've only just met him. But he's so wonderfully gorgeous," I say as I dramatically fall backward.

"I need to meet this wonderfully gorgeous boy," he states. "Tomorrow."

I laugh at his eagerness, "I've got no way of doing that. I haven't got his phone number."

"Do you know where he lives?"

You see, there's some people who are so friendly, and so funny, and so outgoing that you just want everyone to meet them. And there are others who you feel jealous if anyone should even mention their name to you. Alexander is one of the latter. And so I lie. So I lie to keep him to myself. And so I've lied to my best friend for the first time.

"Well," he smiles, "The town isn't too terribly large. I'm sure that we will be able to find him. And I promise I will try to."


Luckily, Michael did not keep his promise and the next two weeks would go by as normally. We went on walks, swimming in the pool here, talking about Miranda back home. That is, until she called four days into his visit and broke up with him. To which he called a girl named Sarah and started dating her. So we talked about Sarah, and how he couldn't wait to get back to see her. And how we wished I could go back to Minnesota because he's so terribly lonely without his best friend and how I miss them all. And that's how it went.


All too quickly, he has to leave. And I am standing at my doorway, hugging him and he is hugging me and his parents tell him that he must come with them.

I start to cry, but he promises to call me later on in the evening. I smile and wipe my tear, giving him one last hug before he walks out my door and shuts it.

Quickly, I run up to the window and look outside, watching him wave out the window, screaming, "I LOVE YOU, AARYN." And I shout back, though I doubt he can hear. And I watch the car until it is gone. And I proceed to begin my wait for the following years' visit.

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