A Tea Filled Summer

Alexander Wills taught me a lot. He taught me about love, fitting in, having a social life. He also taught me about heartbreak and sensitivity. He never failed to amaze me with his patience, and his stunning features. He's someone you would swear could only exist in a movie. No one else can endlessly talk about serious debatable matters and have no one offended when he was done talking. No one else could ever love me as much, and I promise you, Alexander, they won't.

Cover credit to BoysInBooksAreBetter


2. 1

One girl, a few seats down from me, fiddles with her fingernail, pulling at the toughness absentmindedly.The boy beside me works on solving his Rubik's Cube, twisting pieces and sides until he gets it right. And then he does it again. And again. But most of the auditorium, myself included, are watching the clock. We watch as the second hand passes each number on the circular face, counting down the final seconds of our school year. When the hand reaches the twelve, and the final, loud, unpleasant sound of the the bell sounds, students shuffle out of their final class for the year the halls go from being eerily silent to painfully loud.

Most students will be heading to the end of the year teacher versus student soccer game, which is sort of an annual thing for our school, where the seniors who will be graduating tonight verse some of the teachers in a final game of soccer before they are officially gone from the school. However, I will not be attending this. I head to my locker to grab the final belongings out of it, which includes my AP summer homework, a jacket, and a few books. I probably won't be attending graduation tonight either, I don't really have any friends who are seniors. 

"Hey, Aaryn," a tall boy named Vincent, whose locker is a few down from mine, says. "Got any huge plans this summer?"

I give him a slight wave and reply, "Nah. I typically just spend my summer around here. Reading and stuff," I shrug, indicating that I know this isn't very exciting. "What about you? Any big plans?"

He mouth turns up into a grin, "Zack and I are going to Florida for a month with his Aunt. Sweet, right?" He asks, while checking his locker for any remaining items. "Well, I'll see you around."

I wave to him as he turns around, heading for the main doors of the school. I choose to use one of the side doors, which hasn't got as many students trying to pile out.

As I walk to my car, a boy stops me and asks me if I want to hang out with him tonight. Politely, I respond with my usual answer: no thank you. He calls out to me the entire way to my car, but I just shake my head in laughter. When will they realize that I'm actually a very boring person?

"Aaryn! Aaryn!" I hear another boy call. I turn around to see a foursome of boys running toward my small, red grand am. Jason Jack, followed by Jackson Walker, Avery Smith, and Jordan Murray are quickly all standing next to me.

"Hello, Jason," I reply. Jason is a nice boy, well, he seems like it to most people being as he is known around town because his father pastors the local church that nearly everyone's parents attend. However, he's awfully rude and always playing mean tricks on people.

"Would you want to give us a ride?" he asks, smiling a little too innocently.

"What for? What kind of pranks are you playing now, Jack?"

He smiles deviously, "There is apparently a new ginger kid walking the streets," he explains. "We want to make friends."

Avery pipes up, "Aren't we going to hang him in that tree in the park?"

His friends all groan and tell him to be quiet.

"No, Jason. I will not give you a ride to torment a little ginger kid." I state and get into my car. I quickly get out of the parking lot, while listening to Michael and his friends yell after me.

Now, I've made it my mission to find this boy before these others do.


Quickly, I rush through the streets of town, checking my speed often to ensure I'm not going too much over the limit.

As I head toward the local grove, I see a young red haired boy walking with his dog. I stop the car beside where he is and call out to him.


He looks curiously towards me and waves.

"Come here really quickly."

He adjusts his glasses and attempts to speak loudly back, "My-my mom says, she says I'm not allowed to-to talk to people that I don't know." I could immediately tell that there was something a little different about him, so I pull over the car and get out. Slowly, I walk toward him and bend down to talk to him at about his level of height.

"Where is your mom at, anyway?" I ask him.

"She-she's at my house. But y-you can't tell her I-I came out here. I-I'm not allowed."

"Why don't you let me take you back? I met some boys who were trying to come hurt you. And I don't think either of us want that to happen." I say softly and slowly. He nods and I proceed to ask where his house is.

"I can't remember," he says and starts to cry. "W-we jus-st got here."

I sigh, and grab his hand. "Why don't we try to find it together?"

Before he can answer, someone starts screaming, "Max! Max!"

"Alex!" the young red haired boy yells back.

A boy, who appears to be named Alex, runs over to us and starts asking questions. "Are you okay, Max? Who is the girl? You know not to talk to strangers. Are you okay?"

Max cries more and stumbles through apologies to this boy, who has since turned his attention to me.

I want to explain to him what happened, why this random girl is talking to his handicapped friend, but he is so beautiful, I can't speak. His eyes are a warm chocolate color and his skin is just the right shade of tan. His hair seems to be just a little darker than his eyes and he wears a t-shirt that fits him more perfectly than any other piece of clothing has ever fit a human being. He is beautiful.

"What happened to him?" he asks me, obviously concerned.

I snap out of the trance he has put me into and attempt to speak, "Some boys at my school, they told me that they heard there was a boy who had been walking the streets and the one of them, Avery his name is, he accidentally said that they were going to humiliate him and  so I came to find him. And I knew it was him because of his red hair. And then he said he wasn't supposed to be here and I was trying to help him remember where he lived and he started crying and I don't know what to do when kids cry and I'm so sorry."

He smiles at me, kinder than what I thought he would be capable of showing, "Why are you saying sorry?"

"Because I couldn't help him."

"He's not in a tree, now is he? I'd personally like to say thank you, miss." He warmly looks at me, "What is your name?"

"Aaryn." I state, "Aaryn Lake."

"It's nice to meet you Aaryn Lake. I'm Alexander Willis, and may I tell you, I think you're very beautiful," he says and it's very easy to tell that he means it. He doesn't say it to be flirty, he says it to say it.

I smile and look at the ground while pushing my hair behind my ear, a tendency I have when I get nervous.

Suddenly a horn honks and some boys whistle at me. Immediately I notice it to be the boy who had asked me out earlier today with some of his friends.

"Friends of yours?" Alex asks.

"No, I don't have friends," I laugh a little.

He takes a dramatic step back, "Surely you are lying to me. There is no way a girl as beautiful as you has no friends."

I smile again at the term he has given me. "I choose to not have friends. I much prefer to stay at home and read or something."

"Well, my dear friend, I must take my brother home. I'm sure my mother is a nervous wreck right about now," he says. "I hope we will meet again. Soon."

With that, he smiles his beautiful smile one last time before turning away from me, and walking back from where he came running, holding his little brother's hand in one hand and his dog's leash in the other.

Smiling, I walk back to my car and drive home, thinking the entire way about Alexander Willis.

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