You Could Always Ask Cecile

Meet the Grants. They live in an ordinary home, and are an ordinary family with ordinary jobs and pastimes. Then meet Cecile. She's dead.
But what happened to make her that way?
I don't know.
There's only two people who do.
The murderer won't tell.
But you could always ask Cecile.

The fab cover is made by Lily Anna:)


5. Another Day

Two days later, Hillary perched on the wall outside her best friend since birth Daisy's house, enduring yet another lengthy conversation about the girl's new boyfriend.

And then - And then!" 


"And then he kissed me!" gushed Daisy, her wide, innocent eyes sparkling, her mouth fixed in an overjoyed smile.

Hillary rolled her eyes, used to her best friend's over dramatics. Still, it was harder than usual to stay focused on Daisy's current love affairs today. Toady, Hillary had other things to fill her mind, more pressing, urging things. Today Hillary was preoccupied, her brain frazzled to the point of burning up entirely. Today Hillary was thinking about the elusive Simon Grant, and why he, or someone claiming to be him, had called upon her. 

"Hillary? Aren't you even listening to me?" Daisy butted into Hillary's ponderings, her tone hurt, her hand gently tapping the girl on the shoulder. 

"Huh? Oh, um, yeah! Of course!"

Daisy frowned, swinging her legs, then jumped off the wall outside her house which she'd been sitting on. Hillary followed, ashamed that she'd upset her. This was the girl who'd suffered through her many hours of ranting over various detective cases after all. Unfortunately, she hadn't yet had a chance to vent about the Grant dilemma, as she couldn't get a word in through Daisy's bubbling chatter.

Daisy swung round to face her, her features contorted into confused's definition. 

"Aren't you happy for me Hillary?"

"Yes! Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" 

Daisy's perplexed expression began to fade. 

"Oh. I knew you would be! You know, come to think of it, I don't know why I didn't tell you earlier. At least before Megan."

Hillary grimaced, and she knew disbelief was just another word for her face right now. But telling Megan  before her? Two faced, lying, scheming Megan? That was just low. Had she really upset Daisy that much, really been so obtuse to her feelings?

Daisy seemed to guess her thoughts.

"Oh, don't worry Hill, it's nothing you've done wrong. It's just.." she bit her lip, her features becoming worried once more. "Just.."

"Just what?" said Hillary, forcing herself to remain calm. She was such a bad friend, it was no wonder Daisy had turned to Megan before her! Hillary couldn't even be bothered to listen to her properly! And yet they were supposed to be best friends! Best friends. Huh. Some best friend she was!

"Well, he seemed to know you.. And he really didn't seem to want me to tell you!"

Hillary shook her head, climbing back onto the wall. She wasn't the most outgoing type, preferred a few people she knew would stay her true friends to a hoard of slimy back stabbers. She'd certainly never known any of Daisy's previous boyfriends. 

"Who do you mean?"

"Simon. Gosh, Hill, don't you listen to anything I say? Simon. Who kissed me. My boyfriend!"

Hillary felt her blood run cold, her heart pounding in disbelief. 

"Daisy, I don't know anyone called Simon. There must be some mistake! What's his last name?"

Daisy paused for a second, hesitating before compiling. 

"Grant. He's Simon Grant." 







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