You Could Always Ask Cecile

Meet the Grants. They live in an ordinary home, and are an ordinary family with ordinary jobs and pastimes. Then meet Cecile. She's dead.
But what happened to make her that way?
I don't know.
There's only two people who do.
The murderer won't tell.
But you could always ask Cecile.

The fab cover is made by Lily Anna:)


6. An extra large burger and a diet coke

It was three more weeks before Hillary had convinced Daisy that she and Daisy's boyfriend should meet, and one more after that before they finally did. Daisy had given the same excuse so many times she was beginning to sound like a broken record - "But he doesn't want to see you, Hillary!" This, the sleuth had quickly snubbed and dismissed, urging her best friend to plough on and arrange a meeting.

After all, Hillary had some things to say to Mr.Simon Grant.

This was why, through her own fault, the girl sat awkwardly opposite a pot bellied, greasy haired youth, who had barely managed to squeeze into the restaurant booth, let alone ever be able to manage to get out.

This was Daisy's boyfriend. This was 'Simon Grant.'

Hillary knew she'd made a mistake the minute he'd walked through the door and headed straight for her table, claiming to be the person she'd been waiting for. After ordering an extra large burger, a side order of fries, another of garlic bread and a diet coke, he grinned amicably and asked her why she'd been so eager to meet. (Although not quite so eloquently.)

"Erm..." she stalled, racking her brain for a question to ask him which might mildly interest her. "Erm... Well Daisy said you... didn't want me to know you were...erm... her new boyfriend?"

Simon's eyes lit up in recognition. "Oh! Yeah, I'm sorry about that, really," he smiled sheepishly. "Thing is, I knew you were some ace detective, yeah? Like in the movies. You help my Nan a lot. She's Mrs. Jones, you know her? Her kitten gets stolen a lot. Yeah so anyway, Daisy told me you were like, her bezzie, and I didn't want you thinking I'm like, totally attached to Daisy etcetera because my Nan goes on about you all the time and... You just seem like the one for me, you know?"

Hillary glared at him coldly. "No. I don't know. I'm going to leave in a moment -" He started to interrupt her but she stopped him. "But before I go, I want to know if you've ever even heard of another Simon Grant?"

Simon looked at her as if she'd just sprouted another nose, his eyes popping out of his head in disbelief. "Well yeah now you say that," he answered, and Hillary felt her heart leap in triumph. "There's a Mr. Grant who was one of my Grandad's friends... Their kid died, a while back... called Cecile I think, and Simon's the eldest son - Hey, wait! Where're you going?"

Hillary had leaped up from the table, her eyes wild., a smile forming on her lips. "I'm sorry Simon, but I have to go... You've been most helpful!"

It was only on the way to her car that she pumped out a text to Daisy.

Change ur boyfriend. U have horrible taste in men. XP

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