You Could Always Ask Cecile

Meet the Grants. They live in an ordinary home, and are an ordinary family with ordinary jobs and pastimes. Then meet Cecile. She's dead.
But what happened to make her that way?
I don't know.
There's only two people who do.
The murderer won't tell.
But you could always ask Cecile.

The fab cover is made by Lily Anna:)


1. Meet the Grants.

There once was a house, small and rather rectangular in stature but nether the less a house. Inside this particular house, there lived a largish family for so little a home - a mother, a father and six children of various different sizes and ages.

But to you, me and the world around them, they were known as the Grants.

Mr. John Grant was the head of the house, and like many heads of houses was also the eldest, at the respectable age of forty eight. He was a tall, quite lanky gentleman ; it was as if he was stuck forever a teenager on the very brink of growing into manhood. His personality mirrored his appearance - much the same as one going through puberty he had a tendency to go through sudden mood swings, often which were violent and overly threatening to his family.

Mrs. John Grant's maiden name was Amelia Briggs and it was her main priority to make sure everyone knew it. She was a strict feminist and one of those people not particularly suited to married life but who stuck at it no matter. Greying, untameable hair was bundled into a deep brown hairnet secured with irksome pins which seemed to do a better job falling out than keeping anything in place.

Entirely different to her mother was Amelia's eldest daughter, Adeline Grant. As opposite as chalk and cheese, all seventeen year old Adeline wanted to do with her life was become a perfect Stepford wife for her long term boyfriend, Matt. Her permed, stiffly beach blonde ringlets constantly in place, it was no wonder she and scatterbrained, woman's rights believer Amelia were so often caught up in quarrels together.

The second of the Grant brood, was Simon, a young entrepreneur in the making. After successfully opening an online jelly business, he firmly believed his fifteen year old self to be every inch a business man.

Prissy Sarah and potential Olympian Claire were fourteen year old twins who'd dedicated their lives to each other from a very early age. Though polar opposites, unlike their mother and eldest sister, had found a way to make it work, refusing to be separated even at the most trivial times.

Six years later, eight years young Inuque had been born at a rather irksome time, too young to gossip and chat with her elder siblings, yet far old to lower herself to the level of playing with baby Elijah, her smallest brother with only four years of age to his name.

On the fourteenth of August, these six children sat on the front row pew of St. Joseph's church, their parents perching solemnly on the row behind.

Their seventh child, Cecile Grant, had died at the tender age of nineteen a month before.

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