The Love of Sewer Rats (A Hidden Power Competition)

Eva was born and raised in times of struggle, of mutants, tyrants, and love. This is the start of her story.


7. Un-recreational Revelations

Something shattered above Eva’s head, the faces of her parents turned to look at her; she could feel their pulses racing through into her palms, both pairs of eyes contained so much sorrow she could hardly stand to see them. Through all the noise going on and the rushing water below she could still hear her mother’s whisper:

“Eva honey, you need to wake up, all this tension is not good for my mojo… Eva seriously my tear ducts can’t take all this drama!”

“E..E..Elliot?” Eva opened her eyes to see a pair of wide guy liner-stricken blue ones two inches above her face. Eva had only just started to be able to tell the difference from when it was Elliot imitating Vayu’s ‘unique’ way of speaking, and when it was actually Vayu. Elliot Minton had gorgeous blue eyes and stylish chocolate brown hair. He was about 5 inches above the already strangely tall Vayu and, contradicting his strong physique, had a very caring personality.

“Good afternoon sleepy head”.  Elliot was the Head Medic for the resistance... and also, Vayu’s boyfriend. Whom that second, speak of the devil, popped his head over Elliot’s shoulder.

“Vayu?” mumbled Eva, still hazy from her sleep. She looked around the room to see Edan and Vayu sitting at a desk looking at some blue-prints of the sewers, and a large computer screen mounted to the wall with lots of flashing lights on it of different colours.

“Oh, my, goodness she said my name! Come on sisters gather round! Sleeping Beauty has awoken!” Vayu almost fizzed with joy and pecked Elliot’s cheek.

“Eva!” Seth rushed in into the room, having heard the gay men’s proclamations, and stoked her hair trying to calm her.

“Seth,” she said, obviously confused by her tone, “what am I doing here? W-w-what’s happening?” she grabbed his hand and spotted a strange metal cuff around her wrist with green glowing button on the side. “And what is this?!” she tried to yank it off and Seth grabbed her hand in order to stop her struggles.

“Well, as for the first question, after our little incident I carried you here, to base, to try and get Elliot to figure out what had happened.” Seth smiled at Eva and her breathing became more regular. Seth turned around towards Edan and Antaeus, Edan was looking at him smiling, a proud, fatherly look. That’s my boy. Edan then suddenly turned away, once again reminding himself that Seth was not his own...

“And I think I can help you out with the second question,” Elliot sat down next to her on the bed. “That, electricity you felt that Seth told me about, that wasn’t just excitement... That was power. I Think... You’re an EMP Eva.”

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