The Love of Sewer Rats (A Hidden Power Competition)

Eva was born and raised in times of struggle, of mutants, tyrants, and love. This is the start of her story.


6. The Power of Love

10 years later…

"Sssso Eva, my lovely, beautiful, myssssteriousss Eva... Tell me again how you got that name of yoursss." Eva and her boyfriend were lay on his bed in his makeshift room in the secondary sewer tunnel.

"No Seth,” Eva grimaced at the prospect of having to tell that particular story, yet again. “It’s really-"

"-Come on Eva!" Seth stroked her cheek with his scaled palm which he was pleased to discover made her wriggle, 'like a sssnake', as he liked to put it.

"Seth! No! STOP! It tickles!"

"Then tell me!" He continued to stroke her face and arm with one hand, while using his superior strength to pin her arms down to the bed with the other. "I absssolutley love it when you tell me sssstoriessss..." He pressed his scaled face against hers which made her squirm even further.

"FINE! I'll tell you if you just STOP TICKLING ME!"

Seth laughed, quite a strange laugh - a mixture of hisses from his long, snake-like tongue and a chuckle from deep within his chest - something that Eva first thought was weird but had come to love about her boyfriend.” I don't know why you want me to tell you this, I have already told you the story a couple times already," Seth hovered his hand mere millimeters above Eva's cheek, "OK OK!" He removed his hand but the smirk on his face stayed strong. " A week after Ed, Ant and V found me down here and took me in, they figured that calling me 'girl' wasn't the best way to bring up a child, and seeing as I couldn't remember my old name, because of, like a head injury or something, they thought of a new one. Eva. The end, kaput, diddly squat."

"Noooo that's not the end and we both know it."


"Why did they choose that name...? Eva?"

"Fine... It's a combination of the first letters of their names. OK? It’s lame, there I said it."

"Aww babe it's not THAT lame... OW!" Eva's fist slammed into Seth's bare chest, one of the scalier parts of his body.

“What did you hit me for? Jusssst becaussse my name means 'the one who dazzlessss' doessssn't mean your name is lame, Eva meansss life right?" Seth ripped a sleeve off one of one of his older scale-ripped shirts and used it as a makeshift bandage for Eva's bleeding hand. "You need to think before you hit me" Seth grinned,” I don't really mind because my ssscalesss don't bruissse but you could have broken your hand jussst then... promissse?"

Eva smiled at how laid back Seth was being this morning... or evening, (you can't really tell down in the sewers.)

"Okay, I promise I’ll think before I thump OK? And by the way, 'the one who dazzles' is the Egyptian translation, I Hebrew it actually means, quite literally,

 'Buttocks'”.And with that Eva burst into hysterical laughter.

"Ha! So your jealousss of my 'dazzling buttockssss' then!"

"Oh Shut Up! And aren't you impressed that I knew that?!"

"Of coursssse, although your sssassssy aunty V isss a remarkable fountain of knowledge...” Seth leaned forward so that his face was inches away from hers.

"Actually Vayu taught me Hebrew when I was about 6, Antaeus wanted me to learn Latin but V said that Hebrew is older so it helps to learn other languages because it is the basis for-" Eva was interrupted by Seth's unusually soft lips pressing onto hers. A lightning bolt of electricity fizzed up her spine and ran down her limbs; a burning sensation instantly appeared at the center of her forehead, her palms and the soles of her feet. She pulled away. Neither of them said anything for a few seconds, then:

“oh my god Seth did you feel that?!"

"Errmm I... love, you too?"

"Seth I’m being serious!" Eva pressed her palm to Seth's chest...

"What the?" Seth grabbed her wrist and moved it away from his heart, a circle of ice had formed on his chest.” I get that I’m cold-blooded but, Eva, did you do that?!"

"I don't know...” She placed her hands on his shoulders and bent down to try and inspect the ice. And to her dismay and confusion, It melted instantly.

"OW! Ow ow stop you're burning me!" The scales where the ice had been started to redden and shrivel. Eva squeeled, jumped off the bed, and ran to the opposite wall.” Eva... what are you doing?!"

“I’m staying over here; I might hurt you if I touch you again!" A rumble like the aftershocks of a powerful earthquake rumbled through the floor around Eva’s feet.

"No... Eva we need to-" Seth stood at the foot of the bed and started to walk towards her.

"Stay away!" Eva raised her hands and a gust of wind flew Seth onto the bed.


Then the world went dark…

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