The Love of Sewer Rats (A Hidden Power Competition)

Eva was born and raised in times of struggle, of mutants, tyrants, and love. This is the start of her story.


2. The Beginning of the End

“So when your father proposed, we had to keep it a secret.” A petite woman with soft brown hair down to her waist and serene auburn eyes spoke to her daughter, a small child, whom was sat on her lap.

"But why was daddy a secret mommy?" Anna chuckled at her daughter's innocence. And turned her around to face her.

"Because Diablo doesn't like humans, like us, marrying EMPs, like your father. He thinks that we are not... suited."

"But...who's Diablo?"

"Diablo is a very, bad, man. He is-" her sentence was interrupted by a loud crash and a tall, blonde haired man with ice blue eyes stumbled into the room. Sweat was trickling down his face and arms. Anna could tell from the fear and the panic that dominated her husband's usually calm features, that something was terribly, terribly wrong.

"We are in trouble."

"I don't understand; Nic-just- what’s going on?!"

"Listen Anna, we are running out of time, you need to get out of here."

"But Nic, just tell me what is happening, you're scaring me!"

"They know Anna, they know about us, you need to take her to the rest of the humans, and they will look after you-"

"-But what about you?!"

"Diablo's men are coming; I can hold them back for a while, to give you enough time-"

"- But I can help, I can-"

"- you have NO powers! You wouldn't stand a chance against his men,-" there was a loud bang on the door and a voice echoed through the room.

“Nicor Leviathon! Open this door at once! You have been charged with treason! We are here to escort you to the Emperor of the United Kingdoms and Lord of the Newts, Diablo! Do not resist because we have an obligation to bring you back unharmed but we shall defend ourselves if necessary! Open this door!" Nic turned to Anna, the love of his life, and said the instructions he had dreaded since the day he met her.

"Go out of the backdoor, there's a drain cover about 500 meters down the road, go down the ladder and hide until I come for you, go!" He heard his wife and child escape through the door as he watched the front door splinter, come off its hinges, and smash against the opposite wall. There standing in front of him were two men. The taller of the two, in fact much taller, was slight and blonde, with misty blue eyes. The second a ginger haired man, barely breaching 5 foot in height, with hazel eyes.

"Where is the human?!" demanded the latter.

"That human has a name!" Nic lunged towards the speaker, throwing a punch in his direction.

"Diablo says humans don't deserve names!" the shorter man returned the punch; it landed, breaking Nic's nose in the process. Nic retaliated, grabbed the man by his shirt collar and pinned him against the wall. He growled in the man's ear:

 "That human you're talking about; is my wife!" and with that Nic picked the man up, and threw him, with all his strength, against the adjacent wall. The Blonde intruder spoke for the first time:

“Well you’ve done it now honey, that guy over there, his name's Edan by the way, is a fire psychic. He doesn't have the best control over his powers, he normally needs to rile himself up before he can get any use out of them; unfortunately for you, my dear friend, and you've just done that for him." They both watched the recently named Edan slowly get to his feet. The red in his hair now matched the color of his face and the anger rushing through him caused his limbs to shake violently, like a bomb ready to explode. The tall man spoke again:” My names Vayu, and I am not in agreement with what Edan is about to do to you, so if you just tell us where your wife is we will take you back to Diablo peacefully.” A noise sounded and the two men turned to look at Edan. He had his arms above his head with his hands touching and his fingers spread apart. He slowly separated his hands and a swirling ball of fire and heat materialized between them.

"DIE TRAITOR!!!" The fire psychic screamed and threw the deathly inferno towards Nic. before he could even raise his hands in an attempt to protect himself, Vayu raised his and the fire ball was swept into a miniature tornado, and was now swirling in the center of the room.

"NEVER!" Hollered Nic, who as he spoke raised his hands and instantly froze the tornado, which became a 2 ft. thick wall of ice, separating the two strangers from Nic, enabling him to swiftly jump through the back entrance and run in the direction of his wife and child.

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