The Love of Sewer Rats (A Hidden Power Competition)

Eva was born and raised in times of struggle, of mutants, tyrants, and love. This is the start of her story.


8. Sirens Blazing

Eva’s shock filled the room with tension thick enough to slice.

“But don’t their powers-“

“It is very rare that an EMP’s powers will develop after that individual is above two years old... But this case is what I like to call I.E.S.S... Or Indirect Energy Surge Syndrome.” Eva’s eyes widened.
“But what’s that mean?”

“Normally, when an EMP directs their power at a person, he or she will be, dealt with. But if a human, or I believe a partial human like you, is touching the person who is hit directly and has a strong enough mental connection to them and in general to survive the power surge, they can absorb the powers of their attackers...”

“So you’re saying... I have the powers of my parent’s killers?” Vayu’s eyes widened in realization and Edan and Antaeus turned to look at him. They all stood up in unison, and left the room. “And before you ask, I have no idea what’s wrong with those three... they’ve been acting weird since you came in.”

“Hmmm,” Eva frowned. “But what about this?” She lifted her wrist questioningly.

“That bracelet is an artifact I borrowed from Edan; it helps him keep his powers in check. You know how his temper is. They are normally used to train the new recruits of Diablo’s army.” He spat the name in disgust. “If you press that button it will allow you to have control of your powers. Your powers come from your mind, so they can be quite difficult to control by yourself, but this training cuff will help you.”

He pulled what looked like a detonator out of his pocket. “And it has a remote control so that if you are deemed about to harm someone or yourself then it can be turned off remotely. Denying you access.  And for worst case scenarios if I hold down the button for four seconds the device will go on lock down and will have to be restarted manually by me or Edan before you can use your powers-”

Sirens started blaring. The light in the center of the ceiling turned red and started flashing rapidly. Antaeus ran into the room soon followed by Vayu and Edan. He had a sword in his hand, Vayu a pair of Glock semi-automatic pistols and Edan a Machine gun.

Eva had to shout over the noise of the sirens,” What the hell is going on!?”

Antaeus’ masculine voice boomed through the noise,” 50 of Diablo’s special operation soldiers were seen by a scout up top on their way to the main sewer dam, they’re going to try and flood the main waterway.

“But that’s where most of the resistance members live! There’s over 20,000 people down there!”

“Exactly, the others are trying to evacuate the innocents but we don’t have enough time! They could get that dam open within half an hour! So we need to hurry, come on!” Antaeus rushed out the door with Edan beside him, then Vayu and Elliot, with Seth and Eva bringing up the rear.

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