The Love of Sewer Rats (A Hidden Power Competition)

Eva was born and raised in times of struggle, of mutants, tyrants, and love. This is the start of her story.


4. Leviathon's Ladder

"I can't lift it!" Anna panicked as her arms failed her whenever she tried to lift the drain cover. Her brain was muddled as thoughts of her husband, her daughter, and the terror named Diablo raced through the space behind her eyes.

“But mommy, he's coming!" Anna turned to look at the man behind her, picked up her daughter and ran towards him as fast as she could. They collided and she collapsed in a flood of tears.

"Come on Anna, no - no don't cry, let me help you get this drain open." Nic supported his wife - weak with fear - as they hurried back towards the entrance to the sewers. He had the drain cover open within a minute. He then held the drain open while Anna lowered their daughter onto the ladder inside the drain. When the two adults heard Diablo's men running in their direction, Anna stared deeply into Nic's loving green eyes and simply said

“I will not. Go down there. Without you." Nic closed the drain and froze the bolts in place.

"Mommy where are you going?" whimpered the small girl clinging to the cold metal rungs of the drain ladder.

"I’m not going anywhere sweetheart, just listen to me, you are going to climb down that ladder, and you’re going to wait for us. Just - just try and go down a step ok?"

Disaster struck. There was too much strain on the old, rusty ladder and the rung snapped. All of her daughter's weight was now put onto Anna's arm and she cried out: "Nic! Help please! The ladder's broken!" She looked up at her husband who was throwing ice shards towards the now injured soldiers, whilst dodging fireballs and boulders being thrown by the enemy. His beloved's scream took his concentration and a fireball crashed into his left shoulder which struck him to the ground to lie next to his wife on the drain cover. He heard his daughter's whimpers and took her free hand with his own, both comforting and sharing her weight. At this point, he knew, it was all or nothing. He placed his hand into a puddle from the rain of the night before, shaping and freezing the water into a trio of deadly ice knives. Seeing what Nic was about to do, Edan and Antaeus used the remainder of their powers to create a fiery ball of lava, and forced, Vayu hurled it towards the couple.

"We love you, never forget that," Anna whispered to her daughter. Then the lava hit. The love in Nic and Anna's hearts enabled them to hold on to their daughter until the last second...

Then everything went black.

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