The Love of Sewer Rats (A Hidden Power Competition)

Eva was born and raised in times of struggle, of mutants, tyrants, and love. This is the start of her story.


11. His Final Toil

The man in the chair raised his head, exhausted from hours of beating and torture. The bruises and broken bones in his body ached from the last two weeks but all he could think of were those who he had left behind. His friends, his people. He had betrayed them all.

“Listen Earth psychic, I’m not going to ask you again. Tell me where the secret – soon to be known if you behave – locations of the remaining NEWTS are.” The stranger slammed the baseball bat onto the table threateningly. “Diablo has told me that he might be able to forgive you for your betrayal if you spill-“

“I don’t need that monsters forgiveness.” The baseball bat cracked against his head.

“Cut the noble crap! Just be reasonable! Where. Are. The NEWTS!

 “I’ll Never tell you anything. NEVER!”

A crack sounded. A metallic scent filled the room and a red liquid spread across the stone floor.

“Well, if you are going to keep your trap shut, I’ll just tell Diablo to go through with your wife’s execution.” The door slammed. Antaeus was left in the room. The scar of grief over his lost wife, torn a-fresh.

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