Ashley The Rebel: First Love

Ashley Styles is the sister of the world famous Harry Styles, Also Ash is a huge Rebel. You might wonder why Harry and Ash is not together. Well, when Ash (A.K.A Ashley) was 11, her and Harry parents got devorce. The mom took Harry and the dad kept Ash. Ever since the parents seperated, Ash ben a rebel. She didnt care about school. She just wanted to have fun. Her dad didnt let her though. He would ground her and make her go sit in her room. One day Ash dad had enough. He kick Ash out and brought her a plane to london. He was sick of her being a rebel and didnt care. But Ash doesnt know who she might run into in london follow by 4 other guys. What will Happen? Will Ash stick with Harry and fall alove? Or well she push everyone away and still be the rebel she always ben? Find out here..
P.S: I post up to 6-10 chapters a day so make sure u check.


6. Meeting Laim, Louise, Zayn, and Nial -Part 2

Ash P.O.V

When we walk into the room the first color i notice was pink, Omg i felt like i was going to scream mentally in my head. "Sorry it's pink, i know how much you hated it. But you can do what ever you want to it". Harry said. I nodded and smile. I just need paint, spray cans and other stuff. i rest my 2 suit cases in the closet. I'll unpack later i thought. The room was quite huge. It had a 50 in flat screen tv, Xbox360 with my favorite games call of duty black ops, and a computer. This is going to be awsomeee. "Ok, erm i think you need to clean up before you meet the boys. You still smell like coffee". Harry chuckle while smiling at me. I nodded. "Ok shoo shoo" i said while pushing him out the door. i grab my favorite outfit and threw on the bed. I went to take my shower. After i was done i did my hair. Comb it a little, made sure my bangs look rebellion style and aply eye liner follow with some light pink lip gloss. Yes, i know i hate pink, but you cant go wrong with their lip gloss. I put on my black rip skinny jeans, blue and gray converse high tops, n gray and neon blue sweater with a tanktop underneated. I look into my mirror. "Perfect" i smiled.

Harry P.O.V

I walked into the game room to see Nial and Zayn battling off in Call of duty black ops. Zayn was winning and Nial looked red like a tomato. "Guys, we have a vistor". I said trying to get their attention. They all look at me and was asking a bunch of questions.

Zayn Laim Louis Nial P.O.V

Is she a girl?!

Harry P.O.v

She is my 17 year old sister and she will be staying with us for a while.Her name is Ashley Shes a lil rebel so if you do something she doesnt like, watch your back. She has plans for anything. She should be coming in about now. Shes very nice and caring. Oh and theres a rule: No dating her". They all nodded. I heard a voice sounded like Ash "Hey Harry am here.




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