Ashley The Rebel: First Love

Ashley Styles is the sister of the world famous Harry Styles, Also Ash is a huge Rebel. You might wonder why Harry and Ash is not together. Well, when Ash (A.K.A Ashley) was 11, her and Harry parents got devorce. The mom took Harry and the dad kept Ash. Ever since the parents seperated, Ash ben a rebel. She didnt care about school. She just wanted to have fun. Her dad didnt let her though. He would ground her and make her go sit in her room. One day Ash dad had enough. He kick Ash out and brought her a plane to london. He was sick of her being a rebel and didnt care. But Ash doesnt know who she might run into in london follow by 4 other guys. What will Happen? Will Ash stick with Harry and fall alove? Or well she push everyone away and still be the rebel she always ben? Find out here..
P.S: I post up to 6-10 chapters a day so make sure u check.


3. Harry?!

(Skip plane ride)

Ask P.O.V

  I reach into London. It was quite beautiful. But how on earth is 17 year old going to find a place. Well, i figure i could start of working for a job, but i didnt went to colloge, or even go back to do my last year old school. Not like i will do that anyway lol. I took out my ipod and decided to listen to music. I put on "Smile"  by Avirl Lavigne. One of my fave song. I was singing when i bump into this guy with curly brown hair. I notice i drop his coffee all over him. "Omg am so srry" i manage to say while looking up to this tall dude with curly brown hair. "It's alright love'' he said.

Harry's P.O.V

 I bump into this beautiful girl with blue and black hair. i spilled my coffee over me and before i mange to say anything, she quickly got up and apolygize. It wasnt her fault though. I should of pay attention to where i was going. "It's alright love" i manage to say while looking at her. "Harry?'' She ask. Omg please do not scream. "Yes, am Harry Styles please dont scream" i beg looking into her eyes. "No,no am not a fan or anything. Am Ashley styles, am your sister." My what now? "My sister?" I said looking at her not knowing what she is talking about. She pulled out her phone and look at me' "Us, when we were younger". She looked at me hoping i remeber or something. "Ashley" i whispered. "Omg Ashley!"i said more loud. "Harry!" she smile hugging me.

Ash N Harry's P.O.V

I just found my brother/sister..


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