Our life our love our songs...

This girl Sage and Jessica are best friends they love to make songs they are not super stars they are just two girls that like making song they have a big life and they like one Direction a little they are not a big fan of them though Sage and Jessica life together in a big house but there parents are gone from them for ever but they are still living fine and good at paris and finds more friends in paris!?!....One direction and friends movellas


7. Can we Hang again???

Sage's Pov...So Me and the girls were thinking we should call the boys because we were getyting bored so i called the boys on my phone it was then ringing it was then Niall on the phone he said Hello i said Hi this is Sage he said What do you need i said well i wounder if all the boys and the girls can hang out today he said sure i will ask the boys he then said yes we can hang out at the mall is that good with you i said yeah well see you in a my Love i said bye love you i then hanged up i then told the girls and they were excited to hang with the boys again and me too the boys then showed up at our house Niall hugged me i then said to the boys that my other friend was sleeping over at our house her name is Fatiam she is real nice so so be nice to her Harry says that's a nice name i then said she is up stairs getting dressed she will be down any min Fatiam then comes down and harry stairs into her eyes he said you look pretty love Fatiam then says thanks Harry then Winks at her i then said well lets go we hop in the car Zayn is driving i said Harry you can sit next to Fatiam i will sit next to my Nialler Louis you can sit next to Jessica and Liam you can sit next to Danielle and Perrie and Elonor you can sit any were we then drove off.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jessica's Pov...We then were at the mall we then headed in the store Rue 21 i got a paris shirt Sage got a shirt that said Nialler she got it paint on the shirt and all the girls and me got perfume we were then done in Rue 21 we then headed to the store Clairs i got i flower head band and Sage got heart earings and some how Harry was talking to Me and said i kinda like like Fatiam i said then go ask her out some time ok we were then done chating we then were done shopping we hop in the car and drove off to the boys house.                                                                    ~Hannah

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