Our life our love our songs...

This girl Sage and Jessica are best friends they love to make songs they are not super stars they are just two girls that like making song they have a big life and they like one Direction a little they are not a big fan of them though Sage and Jessica life together in a big house but there parents are gone from them for ever but they are still living fine and good at paris and finds more friends in paris!?!....One direction and friends movellas


4. boyfriends & girlfriends

3 months later...


Sages POV-

So now us and the guys are close friends.We hang out all the time i have been catching Liam and Niall some times staring at me it kinda gets freaky so like when they do it i looked over at Jessica and she like coughs and they stop for awhile.Me, Jessica,Danielle ,Perrie and Eleanor still live in the same house together and it is so fun at time like once we played tag in the dark !! we had glow sticks of course we also play guitar hero and when we do me and perrie play guitar Daniellle plays the drums and Eleanor and Jessica usually sing duets Thats really fun too !!


Jessica's POV-

I just went shopping with Louis and it was really fun! Thanks for coming with Lou i said taking my coat off No problem anytime you wanna go just call me he said okay i'll do that Lou. Okay well the guys need me back home so i'll talk to you later he said  yeah bye... bye he replied walking out the door i just called out for the girls they were all in Sages room talking hey i said siting on the beanbag.Why aren't you getting ready? what do you mean Danielle? The guys are coming for dinner were going to a big fancy place so go get dress.Do i have too? Yes now go ...fine i said walking out going to  my room i decide that i was going to wear  this:


it  looked good so i walked out and saw Hannah with this really pretty blue Dress it had a big bow on the front she had light pink heels on with it and a bracelet and necklace her purse the same color of her shoes and then she had her hair in a french braid .Then perrie had on a black dress  white heels and a white purse she was wearing a pearl necklace and earrings with her had down and wavy. Eleanor had a red dress on with matching heels she had a little white cover up too with a necklace and a bracelet with her hair in a bun . Danielle had a light light green dress on and she had on sliver sparkly heels with her hair normal and she had some earrings on.You guys look good i said they said it back too me and i said thanks then we were waiting for the guys to pick us up.



Danielle's POV-

so the guys picked us up and they were all wearing tuxes they all looked so cute! But i heard the guys talking earlier and they were fighting about Sage and Jessica  they were saying about witch one of them they would date Harry and Louis were fighting over Jessica Liam and Niall over Sage and Zayn said he liked Perrie. So at dinner thats all i could think about so i kinda said it out loud all the boys looked at me with wide eyes and Jessica and Sage had there  mouths open also with Eleanor and Perrie. Is this true? Jessica asked the boys all nodded their head and so did i And after a quite dinner we went home to where the guys were fighting over us.How about we ask who the girls want to date ? Harry said...every one agreed. Sage who do you want to date? ummm Niall im sorry Liam Sage said no problem i like Danielle anyway liam  replied  i looked at him shocked. He just smiled  Zayn did the same but he said he liked Perrie. Jessica said she liked louis she said sorry to harry then that was it Eleanor and harry didn't like each other so they didn't say anything...Man today was weird.


hey guys im the new co-author hope you like this chapter if ya did like and favor it you would mean the WORLD to me !!!! thanks ~jojo

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