Our life our love our songs...

This girl Sage and Jessica are best friends they love to make songs they are not super stars they are just two girls that like making song they have a big life and they like one Direction a little they are not a big fan of them though Sage and Jessica life together in a big house but there parents are gone from them for ever but they are still living fine and good at paris and finds more friends in paris!?!....One direction and friends movellas


3. 1D concert and v.i.p passes!!!

Sage's Pov...So me and Danielle were talking on the phone we were talking about one direction the band and Danielle said that she went on line a couple mins ago and and she was entering a contest for 1D tickets and plus you get v.i.p passes too so she said in a happy way that she won the contest she said that she only had 5 ticket she said she will bring Me,Jessica,Perrie,Elounor and plus her i couldn't wait to tell the girls me and Danielle we so excited to get to go to one of there concerts and we always wanted V.i.p passes i know that me and Jessica were not that big directioners but we like the band the seem fun and then and some how Danielle texted me then she wrote that we get to spend a day with one direction i then texted awsome i then texted the rest of the girls and i put hey girls Danielle was talking to me on the phone and she won a contest to meet 1D and and plus spend a day with them is that awesome or what the rest of the girls sent OMG we then were getting ready to go to the 1D concert we then hoped in the car and drove off!!!         

                                                                                                                                                                              Jessica's Pov...So we then got to the concert we got front row we were so excited the concert started to begin the lights turned off then the the lights came back on and there was one direction they said that the song that they were going to play was the song called Moments it was Sage's favorite song then they started to sing and when they were singing some how Louis was staring into my eyes i stared to smile at him and then i looked at Sage and she was smiling to and i look up in front of her there was Niall staring into her eyes like Louis was staring into my eyes but i liked i then whispered to Sage and i said Louis was staring into my eyes she then said Niall was staring into my eyes too like Louis did with you she then said well he is kinda of my favorite and i said Louis is my favorite too!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sage's Pov...So the song was over so was the concert are hearts were pumping real fast because it was time to meet and talk to one direction and plus we had gifts for them too so all of us headed back stage we knocked on the door it was Harry and i said Hi we are here to see you guys and we then showed him our V.i.p passes Harry then said come on in he shut the door and and he then showed us to the living room where the rest of the boys were we then saw the rest of the boys on the coach just laying there and we said Hi nice to meet you i am Sage this is Jessica this is Perrie this is Elounor and this is Danielle they then said Hi nice to meet you to the boys were sitting down the said to us you can sit down we then did i then said well we got you gifts for you Liam we got you a stuffed turtle for you Zayn we got you a new mirror for you Harry we got you i love cats shirt for you Louis we got you some carrots and for you Niall we got you a Nando's gifted card i stared into nialls eyes he then said come sit by me Sage i said ok i then fell asleep on Nialls chest he was smiling...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hope you guys liked it please favor comment and like please it would mean the world to me~Hannah

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