Our life our love our songs...

This girl Sage and Jessica are best friends they love to make songs they are not super stars they are just two girls that like making song they have a big life and they like one Direction a little they are not a big fan of them though Sage and Jessica life together in a big house but there parents are gone from them for ever but they are still living fine and good at paris and finds more friends in paris!?!....One direction and friends movellas


1. Lets take a walk

Sage POV...So my idea was to take a walk today i ask Jessica she said sure i can take a walk for chance we walk out the door and i said which way do you want to go Jessica said how about the long way we went that way we were walking and we were talking about to right a new song we have not wrote one for a while so when we get bake we are going to right i new song!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jessica POV...We were walking and then we ran into three girls we said sorry and they said no i was are falt we said who are guys the first one said hi i am Elounor the second girl said hi i am Danielle and the last one said hi i am Perrie we and then they said who are you guys i said hi i am Jessica and Sage said hi i am Sage  they said nice to meet you we should hang out some time we said sure here is our numbers they said thank you bye?!?             I HOPED YOU GUYS LIKED IT COMMENT AND LIKE PLEASE!!!!                                                                        


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