Liams Babe

Sara had a relashionship with Nic her first love. They were together for 4 years. But for a few months now things are getting harder. Sara iwas also in the band One Direction with the boys. They were best friends. Read to find out more about Sara and her life with One Direction.


2. The kiss

Harry´s P.O.V.
WOW . That concert was sick. I love touring aroundthe world. And even Sara looked like she would have fun even if she has some heart problems. I hope she and Liam will get together one time cause they would be such a cute couple and you can see it in their eyes that they both liked each other evenif they say theyre just best friends.

Louis P.O.V.
Sara looked happy more than in the moring. Liam must had done some magic with her . OH NOT THAT PERVERT MAGIC IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I have an idea what we could do after the concert.
Hey guys what do you think about the dark game? -LOU

What is the dark game? - Harry

Its fun we will turn off the light in the bus and we will make teams and each teammember has to find a person from the other team just like hide and seek in the dark. - Lou

Sounds good.-Zayn

Ok: -Sara

´We m:ade these 2 teams:

Team 1 : Niall,Zayn,Sara                Team 2 : Harry, Louis, Liam
I turned the light off and the game begun. 
Zayn´s P.O.V.
Okay guys heres the plan: Sara you will have to find Liam Niall you will find Harry and I will find Louis. Lets go. - Zayn

Sara´s P.O.V

I know its sound childish but I love this game. I was searching for Liam then suddelnly a pair of strong arms graped my wrist. I kept myself calm cause if I would have screamed everybody would know it was me.
Hey babe. Liam whisperd.

Hey. I said not too loud.

You know you look beautiful even in the dark.Liam whisperd into my ear

I blushed.
Youre cute when youre blushing. Liam said.

And i blushed even more.
I looked into his eyes even if I could see much.
He looked at me and suddelny out lips met.
I stand on my tip toes so I could reach his lips too.
This moment was like one of the best for a while.

We pulled away when suddenly Louis screamed: we won!!
The light was turn on and me and Liam were looking into each others eyes.

Did you two did something nastyß - Louis winked.

Shut up.- Liam said and blushed.

I turned around and said : I am goung for a walk and then go to bed.

Ok, everybody said execpt Liam he followed me. I ran away when Liam graped my arm. Did I mentantion that Liam looked pretty hot when he is running. 
Sara please lets talk about it- Liam

Ok you begin- Sara

I am sorry its just when I looked into your eyes I had to kiss you cause you know...I kinda like you- Liam

Oh.. the kiss was something special I ran away cause I was confused I though I still like Nic but for a while now I begun to have feelings for you 2 but I dont know if I am ready yet y´know?- Sara

Yeah I understand you completly maybe we should take some distance and see if we really have feelings for each other. -Liam

Sounds good to me and if you dont mind I would like to go to my bed  I am kinda tired it was a busy day- Sara

Sure i will bring u to bed babe. - Liam


1 hour later i was laying in my bed trying to sleep but  couldnt I had to think about the kiss andmy feelings for him. I saw Harry and Louis on the right site of me lying in their beds and Liam lying towards my bed. He wasnt sleeping he kept looking at me so I tried to look away. Man this boys is sooooooo..... I dont know he is smart , hot, sweet, protectful and all a girl want just like Nic without that fact that he would never beat me or get sooooo jelly like him. I felt save by Liam.

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