Liams Babe

Sara had a relashionship with Nic her first love. They were together for 4 years. But for a few months now things are getting harder. Sara iwas also in the band One Direction with the boys. They were best friends. Read to find out more about Sara and her life with One Direction.


3. The break up



Zayn´s P.O.V
I am so exited ´cause Perrie will fly over to America because we are on America tour now and she has 2 weeks free. She is the most beautiful person I ever met and I am proud to call myself her boyfriend. I also hope things will get better soon ´cause before I left England me and her had a fight because she things I am too jealous but I just want to protect her of some pervert boys.Yesterday I made a reservation at her favorite restauant. Hope she will forgive me.

At the airport

Heeeeeyyy babeeeeeee - Zayn

I missed you really hard - Perrie

Me 2  love you beautiful - Zayn

Love you too lets get to the hotel - Perrie

Ok let me grab your bags -Zayn

~the ride with the cab~


At the hotel

soooooooo what are we going to do - Perrie

I made a reservation at your fav. restaurant - Zayn

Thank you handsome - Perrie

Please. Go make you ready so we can leave - Zayn
Ok. - Perrie


2 hours later

Wow you look amazayn - Zayn ( see what I did there ? )

Thx. You look great to - Perrie


~ Ride to the restaurant~

At the restaurant
A table for 2 on the name Malik - Zayn

Ok please follow me - Waitress

We took our seats. I looked her deep in the eyes and said: I am sorry because of the fight we had a while ago. Can you forgive me I love you sooo much and I know I get sometimes jealous but only to protect you of some dicks.

Babe I understand you but its like you can flirt with every girl and when I talk with a guy who is nice and dont want to lick my face you get jealous and its kinda emberassing ya know. I know you love me but please dont me soo overprotective its kinda sweet too but you have to trust me too. Ok ?

She said.
Oh. I understand you completly I was a dick. By now I will calm myself evertime I seeyou with another guy and just trust you . Love you babe. I said

Ok. Love you too .

The waitress came and took our orders.

15 later our drinks and food came and we eat. But then I saw a boy winking to Perrie. I  know I have to calm myself for Perrie.

I am going to the toilet - Perrie

Ok babe -Zayn

Just when Perrie was on her way back the guy who winked to her and began to flirt with her. Perrie said : Sorry I have a boyfriend but whe could hang out sometimes just as  friends ya know. That would be cool babe . He said

Now i became angry. Only I was allowed to call her babe. I stand up and walked over to them.
No , you wont hang out with me youre my girlfriend. And you boy only I amallowed to call her babe so shut up and go to you seat. I saw you flirting with her aand the next time I see you with her I will punch you so hard that you will have to spend a month in the hospital - Zayn

The guy went to his seat.

Are you crazy???? He was a nice guy and I only wanted to hang out with him you are controling my life again. Youre jealous again and cant control yourself! You know what ! I WILL MEET HIM AGAIN AND HANG OUT WITH HIM JUST AS FRIENDS! AND YOU! I THINK ITS TIME TO BREAK UP WITH YOU! I LOVE YOU BUT I CANT LIVE WITH YOU ANYMORE WITHOUT THIS FUCKING JEALOUS THING! - Perrie


No Zayn its over I love you too but I cant and I dont want to live with you beeing like this I  gave you too many chances and now its over sorry. - Perrie

And woth that she went out of the restaurant and the love of my life was gone.
I am sooooooooooo fucking stupid.


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