Liams Babe

Sara had a relashionship with Nic her first love. They were together for 4 years. But for a few months now things are getting harder. Sara iwas also in the band One Direction with the boys. They were best friends. Read to find out more about Sara and her life with One Direction.


1. Sara´s hard time

Sara´s P.O.V
I was lying on my bed in the tourbus crying. Nic my boyfriend just told me that he cheated on me a few times withthe same gurl but oonly because he was drunk. I believe him that he was drunk but he had to slept with one of my friend?!?! I know he was drunk but a broken vase cant be fixed like before, can it? No so was m heart. We both love each other but my love for him gets smaller everytime we fight over things like when he thinks I have something with one of the boys or I dont know....Also the fact that he had  beat me once is breaking my heart more.He was deeply sory but that wont change anything.The boys especially Liam. I have always had some feelings for Liam nothing big.10 mins later Louis and Niall came into the bus.

Sara you have to eat something we know its hard for you but we are also worried about you cause you wont eat and drink anything for 2 days now.

Louis thx really thank you but i just drunk something and i will eat later at dinner.

OK, do you need something? You know you can talk with us or cuddle or just something 

Thanks Ni , but now I only need time for myself and I am very thankful for the support and love of you guys. I hope i can sing tommorrow in Dalls cause I dont want to make the fans more upset or I dont want to get  more hate.

You will make it babe and Liam asked for you he wants to talk to you .

Sara :
Ok thx guys luv ya.

Luv ya too.

5 min later 

Liam came in. 

Hey babe are you feeling any better?-Liam

Yeah thx. I just feel a bit tired.I think I will sleep a bit.-Sara

Oh ok . I will cuddle with you maybe that will make you a bit happier.- Liam

You dont have to but I wouldnt mind thx Li your he best friend ever.-Sara

No problem babe- Liam

Within a min Liam was just in his boxers and layed next to me. His strong armes were around my body. I dont mind he is like a beessst frieeend and makes me feel comfortable and safe. There are some feelings but now I have to put them beside.


Liam´s P.O.V. :
Oh gosh she looks so beautiful while shes sleeping. I knwo I really like her but she just got through a break up and I dont know if she likes me too.

Hey beautiful its time to wake up- Liam

Mmmmh just 2 more min. - Sara

No babe we have to get ready for the concert - Liam

Ohhhh okayyyy- Sara

Hhaha luv ya 2 -Liam

Mmhh 2- Sara


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