Liams Babe

Sara had a relashionship with Nic her first love. They were together for 4 years. But for a few months now things are getting harder. Sara iwas also in the band One Direction with the boys. They were best friends. Read to find out more about Sara and her life with One Direction.


4. Confuse


Nialls P.O.V


I am so sorry for Zayn but I dont know how e could help him cause he wont talk to anyone and he just crys his eyes out. I hope something like that wont happen to me and Emma my princess . Maybe Louis has an idea to make him smile again . I mean he is Louis you only have to look at him and you have to laugh your ass off.


Louis P.O.V
I just had the idea to make Zayn smile again. I hope my plan will work.
Hey guys how about we play hide and seek. I said sounding a bit childish.

I dont know man I mean we arent 10 anymore. Harry said

I know mate thats what I though so heres my idea: We make 2 teams like: TEAM 1 
Niall,Zayn,Sara and Team 2 is with Zayn,Louis, Harry and Liam . We will play in the dark so we cant see anything and each team member will have someone he has to caugth. And thats it . I said.
Sounds like a plan . Sara said.

Yeah we are in. The others said.


Saras P.O.V

After a couple of minuts every member of our team as a member from the other team to caught and of course they picked me to caught Liam.
It was really dark and I was in the kitchen. Waiting to hear someone . Suddenly someone grabed my waist and turned me to him. 
I have you. He whisperd into my ear so nobody will hear us.
It was Liam.
Ummm.. Hi. I said

You look beautiful even in the dark ya know. He said.

I begun blushing

Thanks. I said.
Its cute when you blush it makes you hot. He said

Liam and I looked each other in the eyes and then our lips met. It was like the best moment between us. I didnt want to end it. But after a couple of seconds I pulled away because I though it was wrong even if I know it wasnt. It was right.

Ummm... . I said.

With that he grad my face and kissed me again. This time the kiss was way more deeper and emotional then before. After 2 min we heard Louis scream : We won !! 

With that we pulled away and the light was turned on. Everyone was looking at us.

Looks like somebody had fun. Zayn said and laugh.

HA! YOU LAUGH! MY PLAN WORKED! Louis said hapy.
YEAH. Zayn said.

So what did you two do ?? Louis asked.

Oh.. I am going for a walk. I said and ran away. I hadnt stopn running when I heard Liams wonderful voice. This boy makes me drive crazy! 

Sara stop. He screamd.

I stopped running.
He grab my arm.

Listen Sara please. Liam said
Ok. I said.
I am sorry for the kiss but I dont know about you but I think it was the best kiss I have ever had and I really enjoyed it.He said half smiling.

Umm... Me too Liam but you are with Danielle together and you shouldnt think so. I said with tears in my brown eyes.
I know but I am going to break up with Danielle anyways we have some differences and it doesnt work out and because I started to have feelings for you. He said.

Liam I have feelings for you too but I have to sort it cause I am still confused and maybe we should go like for a few weeks other ways and dont hang out with each other that much and so can we see if we really have feelings bc I dont want our friendship to break ya know. I said.

Umm. Ok if you say so but dont forget I will always have feelings for you Sara.He said.

I wont Liam. I am going to sleep. Bye.
Bye. Liam said.

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