Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato forces Selena Gomez to go to a Justin Bieber concert . Yes Selena does like his music though . She gets too meet Justin Bieber ... Read to find out what happens next .


5. Text messages


  I got home, best concert ever. Words can't describe how I felt right now, I think I might have feelings for Justin ? No , I can't because well I just met him. But he kissed me on the cheek , that has to mean something right? Nope, probably not, he probably kisses lots of girls on the cheeks. But then why didn't he kiss dem and Tay?      I had so many unsolved questions going through my head, then I remembered that I didn't read what Justin wrote. I'm at home now, so I guess I could read it.     I got out my autograph book, opened to the page where Justin signed and began reading . As I was reading , my cheeks turned a bright shade of pink. When I was done, I grabbed my phone and saved his number as 'Justin<3'     To Justin<3 Hey :)         Justin   Right now I was laying in bed, all I could think about is Sel, her brown eyes and brown long wavy hair. She's just so perf- , I got interrupted by my phone making a sound indicating that I have a new text.     From unknown  Hey:)     I think it's just another fan that got ahold of my number, this always happens. I have no clue how they get my number though'     To unknown  Urhm hi .. Do you mind telling me who you are ?     From unknown  It's the girl from the meet and greet, Selena Gomez . I don't think you remember me.     It's her ! It's really her , she actually sent me a message. Of course I frikkin' remember her, I can't get her outta my mind , but I can't tell her that , cause it sounds a bit stalkerish. I saved her number as 'Selena<3'     To Selena<3  Oh , of course I remember you . Lol, so what you doing shawty ?     I got an instant reply.     From Selena<3 Oh nothing, just laying on the couch watching a movie . Hbu?     To Selena<3 Nothing much, just chilling in the hotel room. I have m own huge room, so it gets a bit lonely.     From Selena<3 Aww shame, want me to come keep you company ?     To Selena<3 Yes ! I'm staying in room 203 , at the Plazma Hotel .     From Selena<3 Haha, I was only kidding Justin . And btw that hotel is so close to my house. It's like literally around the corner .     To Selena<3 Then how about I come over to you tomorrow?     From Selena<3 You can , but Tay and Dem are also here. They actually in the bathroom at the moment. Wen they come out , then I doubt they'll allow me to text .     To Selena<3 ;( but I wanna text you:(     From Selena<3  Well we have a couple of seconds, because I can here their footsteps.     To Selena<3 Okay then I'll chat to you tomorrow. Goodnight .     From Selena<3 Goodnight     Now I really feel lonely. I have nothing to do at the moment, but I do have this crazy idea. Since she lives right around the corner, I'll just knock on every door and see who opens. I know it's so stalkerish and retarded , but I'm desperate to see her.     I put on a hoody, sweats and supra's , grabbed my phone then left. I walked out of the hotel and around it. I started walking until I came up to the first house, an old lady opened it.      Justin: sorry ma'am     I knocked on every single house in the street but not one of it is hers. I was chased a couple of times by beliebers who lived on some of those houses, but I mean why wouldn't they ? Justin Bieber just knocked on their door on any ordinary day.     I was just about to give up when I spotted a house , I guess I missed one. It's really huge , and it's white. The lights were on and there was music playing. This has got to be her house. I walked up to it , Demi opened and she froze, which caused me to smirk then giggle.     Justin: hey Demi .     Demi: y-you k-know m-my n-name .     Justin: hey calm down sweetie, it's only me. No need to be nervous .     She closed her eyes then swollowed.     Demi: anyway do you wanna come inside ?     Justin: sure thanks.     She stepped aside , allowing me to pass through. She then closed and locked the door, and started making her way to the living room, I followed her. When we got there I saw Tay and Sel jumping on the couches and singing along to my Believe album, I have to admit they have really good voices. Sel's voice is like a melody to my ears.     I walked over to Sel then wrapped my arms around her waist. Taylor stopped singing and just covered her mouth in shock . Sel turned around to face me and she froze, so I let go of her.      I waved my hands infront of their faces to make sure they're awake. They shook their heads and returned to reality.     Tay: someone pinch me now, because I really think I'm dreaming . I might still have a serious case of Bieber Fever.     Justin: you not dreaming Tay , I'm really here.     They looked at each other then sat down . I sat next to Sel. Demi walked over to the CD player and turned it off, which caused me to chuckle .     Justin: I love your taste in music .     Sel: how do you know where I live ?     Justin: well you told me you lived around the corner from the hotel .     Sel: yeah , but I didn't tell you what number I lived at.      Justin: well, I kinda knocked on every door in the street just to find you.     Tay: aww that's the sweetest thing ever.     Dem: this is so cute, so are you two like a couple now?      Selena lightly punched Demi .     Sel : no we just friends .     Justin: well, I don't mind being more than friends.     Sel: in your dreams Bieber .     She had a slight smile on her face , which caused me to smile. I stared into her eyes and immediately got lost in it . Until my phone started vibrating causing a shock to travel around my body .     I grabbed my phone and looked at the screen "incoming call from scooter" I answered and I heard a panicked scooter on the other end.     Scooter: JUSTIN , JUSTIN ARE YOU OKAY! WE ARE SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU, I WENT TO YOUR ROOM BUT YOU WEREN'T THERE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU ?     Justin: scooter , chillax. I just met up with a friend.     Scooter: well next time try leaving a message. But come back to the hotel now ! Your mother is worried sick.     Justin: k bye.     I hung up the phone and let out a sigh followed by a groan .     Sel: what's wrong?     Justin: scooter wants me back at the hotel now. I'll com back here tomorrow then we can hang out .     Dem: yeah sure .     Tay, Dem and I exchanged numbers, then I hugged them and said bye. I walked over to Sel and gave her a hug followed by a kiss on the cheek.     They walked with me to the door, as soon as they thought I couldn't hear anymore they started talking. But little did they know that I still can hear.     Dem: he so likes you.     Sel: he does not, his just a friend .     Tay: yes he does, whAt type of a friend knocks on every single house in a street th he doesn't know just so he can find a certain girl.     Dem: Tay's right, he definitely has a crush on you.     Sel: he doesn't , end of convo.     Their conversation made me chuckle , just as I turned around the corner and into the hotel.         --- Sorry for all my grammar mistakes .   I won't be able to update on here so much , because I released a new story.   It's called school rivalries , check it out ---
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