Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato forces Selena Gomez to go to a Justin Bieber concert . Yes Selena does like his music though . She gets too meet Justin Bieber ... Read to find out what happens next .


4. Meeting Justin



i was busy with the meet and greets . The usual routine , talking , taking pictures , signing things then they leave . But they each got a gift bag and an autographed cd of my believe album .


i live my job , it makes my beliebers smile and I love that about them . 


The meet and greet were so long , but I loved meeting my fans . It came down to the last group of girls , I gave Kenny the signal to call them and tell them they could come in , so he did . 


They weren't here yet , but that girl's face kept appearing in my head . Her beautiful eyes and long brown hair . Then Kenny came in along with three girls'. I can't believe it , it's the girl who's face kept appearing in my head . 


Justin: hey girls , I'm Justin .


girls : our names are Demi, Selena and Taylor . 



The girl I couldn't stop thinking abouts name is Selena , a beautiful and original name . Her blonde friend is Taylor and the other one is Demi .


demi: I can't believe I'm meeting the Justin Bieber .


justin: calm down , I'm just a normal guy .


i shot her a smirk and smiled .


selena: you such a beautiful smile .


justin: thanks .


slena: shit , did I say that out loud .


I could see her cheeks return punk . I could tell she was embarrassed . 


Juston: don't be embarrassed , cause you have a beautiful smile as while .


this made her cheeks turn even a brighter shade of red .


justin: so was there any guys with you girls tonight ?


taylor: nope , but we met three guys , they were with us in the line just now , I'm not sure where they went .


we carried on talking , we took pictures and I signed a couple of things . I was in the middle of signing Selena's book , when Kenny came in .


kenny: scooter says hurry up .


justin: Kay man , let me just finish signing her book .


kenny: got it JB , we waiting in the bus .


then he left . I continued too sign her book and I wrote this in it:

"hey beautiful , I know we've only met by I think I Kidman like you . I wanna hang out with you sometime , your friends can come along , I'll bring a couple of mine . Thanks for coming too the concert , I hope you enjoyed it . I'm so glad I got to meet you . Call me sometime , my tour ends today so I'm staying here in Texas for a while , I'm so happy it ended her . Here's m number 555-672-453 , call anytime . Love, Justin "


i handed the book back to her 


justin: read it when you get home .


selena: okay .


demi: Justin could you sign our phone covers ?


justin: sure 


They handed me their phone covers and I signed it . I hugged Demi , then Taylor , then Selena . Selena's hugs are so warm , she's like the perfect puzzle piece . I started getting this weird feeling in my stomach was that butterflies . My cheeks started turning warm , shit what the hell ? Am I blushing !


she let go of me .


selena: thanks for the amazing concert .


justin: no prob , see you around .


i kissed her on her cheek and she started blushing . Dem and Tay started making missy noises . Then sadly they had to leave . I watched them as they left , I hope she calls





sorry for making you wait so long for an update .


the more comments, faves and likes , he sooner I'll update 










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